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The complete set of the parade uniform of Lieutenant-General of the armoured troops for the Victory Parade of 1945

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the USSR, 1945-46, an Extremely rare complete set of the parade uniform for marshals of the Soviet Union and the red Army generals arr. 1945, the Kit includes a hat, coat, Golden belt and pants-breeches.


the Cap is made of high quality wool fabrics. Top stitched Merino of castor color "sea wave». The band found a metal enamel badge. The band is made of black velvet and embroidered with gold thread. The pattern sewing is radiating from the center two Laurel branches. Large stems and leaves of Laurel branches - embroidered in gold thread, and small leaves formed from gilded sequin sewing thread with a gilded thread. On the upper edge band is red carded edging, similar red cloth edging at the top cap. Visor fibre, black, with two-sided lacquering. Above the canopy is located in two rows twisted gilded filigree cord attached to the ends of two metal buttons small size. Each button is an emblem of the USSR with eleven tapes Soviet republics. Lining caps silk without marks and inscriptions, podolany tape made of soft brown skin. Original gold embroidery and filigree cord well preserved, with only minor damage. Cockade and buttons in the original gilt.

double-breasted Coat made from castor color "sea wave». On solid silk lining, fastens on the left side on the six large gilt buttons with the emblem. Collar hard, erect, with slightly bevelled. Fastens with one hook, sewn at the base of the collar. The top edge and the ends trimmed collar colored cloth edge and dual Golden edging. On the front end of the collar of his uniform gold embroidery in the form of a Laurel branch. The sleeves of his uniform with direct cuffs, bordered on the upper edge and the ends colour edging. On the cuffs of the sleeves of his uniform gold embroidery in the form of a Laurel branch. On the back of my coat pocket sewn valves on the ends of which are sewn on one large shaped gilded button with the emblem. Edge valves lined cloth colour edging. The edge of the left Board cloth trimmed with colored Kant. Absolutely perfect preservation of fabrics and gilded buttons with USSR emblem with eleven tapes Soviet republics that did not Persepolis from the time of manufacture of uniform. Sewing collar has insignificant damages. On the jacket are installed they weren shoulder straps of Lieutenant-General of the red Army. Field wrap - of braid special weave of the Golden drawing dies, edging on the pursuit of red cloth. On the shoulder straps, two embroidered with gold thread five-pointed stars and originally installed shaped gilded buttons with USSR emblem.


Ceremonial press-breeches also made of fabric celadon with a red cloth General's stripes. Such a press-breeches were a new item of clothing which had not existed before 1945, in our time, this element forms of service are extremely rare.


Checker not included.

this form marshals and generals of the AC participated in the Victory Parade in 1945. Creating this form indicates a high level of honoring military traditions of the past in the final period of the war. The ritual of the Victory Parade was developed with the direct participation of Evgeny V. Tarle, historian, well-known even then its excellent research on the topic of the 1812 war.

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