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Examination of cultural values and rarities


Here is our new service, which is named «The Expert Bureau» which provides examination of cultural values remotedly. In our staff we have a number of expert in antique weapons certified by Rosokhrankultura Committee of Russia, we also cooperate with our country's leading experts in various fields of antiques. This service helps our customers living in distant areas to verify the authenticity of objects from their collections, and to obtain official certificates for them, without leaving home.

To provide the highest quality and reliable expertise, we may need to know all the dimensions of the examined object (for example, for antique edged weapons these are the overall length in a scabbard and without it, blade length, blade width at the heel), and get the detailed photos (especially, of all marks brands, inscriptions, engravings and other individual characteristics) and any additional information about the object of expertise.

There are several options of examination:

  • Oral assessment and oral expert opinion (free)
  • Cultural study and examination in writing, without valuation
  • Cultural study and examination in writing with valuation
  • Examination of cultural value of antiquities detained by the customs office
  • Examination by the leading experts of Russian museums
  • Forensic examination of the mass-dimensional weapons mockups
  • Examination by the qualified MIA expert.
  • Examination of articles of military outfit, uniforms and weapons for weapons restorers, including the assistance in obtaining the customs permissions for trips outside the Russian Federation.


The cost of the examination is determined by the volume and complexity of the subjects in their attribution. For example, the expert judgment (excluding valuation) of a German bayonet to a Model 1898 Mauser rifle will cost you $ 1000.

Request for the examination may be sent with the attached detailed photos of the original weapon etc. to our e-mail: director@zemlyanka-v.ru. As soon as we have your application, our expert team will contact you for further details of the examination and payment.

Attention! We reserve the right to refuse the examination without explanation. Such rejection may be motivated by the insufficient or lacking information about the object of expertise, by doubtful authenticity or the impossibility of the examination remotely, etc. We ask you to treat this with understanding.

Acquisition and gathering by the museums

The ZEMLYANKA company (literally – the «ZEMLYANKA Antiques shop») assists public and private museums, individual exhibits, collectors and the creation of museums on «turnkey» basis. Many times before we helped museums such as the National History Museum, National Pushkin Museum, Voronezh State Regional Museum, Venevitinov’s Museum-Estate (Novozhivotinnoe Village), the museum of S.I.Mosin in Ramon, many private schools and museums. Our latest project is the creation of a museum of the «Voronezhselmash» factory.

What we offer, are:

The retrieval of objects in the museum's collection (as practice shows, you can find everything from ancient Viking sword to 45-mm gun of WWII) at the lowest possible prices;

Grading the mannequins with any uniform and any arms of any army of the world, from qualitative to complete remaking of the original uniform and articles of outfit and insignia.

  • Creation of a private (public, departmental) Museum on a «turnkey»basis: we develop the concept of an exposure, produce 3D-project, prepare an estimate of the total work and start to implement it as soon as possible. In our database there are the phone numbers and addresses of several hundred of the largest collectors of Russia, thus it should not be of any difficulty for us to find any, even the most rare exhibits.

If you have any questions, please call:

+7-910-347-00-30 (Eugene Boldyrev) or e-mail director@zemlyanka-v.ru

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