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Badge "Honorary blood donor"

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Honorary donor of the USSR — badge, approved by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of June 24, 1944. The badge "Honorary donor of the USSR" was awarded to the face, repeatedly passed the blood to save the life of the sick and injured in the defense of the socialist Fatherland, the protection of the State border of the USSR and of public order, natural disasters and accidents, at the same time carrying out the work on involvement of population into the ranks of donors.

Rewarding by a breastplate "the Honourable donor of the USSR" was made by the Executive Committee of the Union of red cross and red Crescent societies of the USSR, the Ministry of health of the USSR, head of the Central military medical Directorate of the Ministry of defense, head of the Medical Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the chief of Military medical Directorate of the state security Committee of the USSR.

The order of representation to rewarding by a breastplate "the Honourable donor of the USSR" was approved jointly by the Executive Committee of the Union of red cross and red Crescent societies of the USSR, USSR Ministry of health and appropriate medical services of the Ministry of defense, Ministry of internal Affairs of the USSR, Committee for state security of the USSR.

Badge "Honorary donor of the USSR" is worn on the right side of the chest and is located below the state awards of the USSR. Along with the badge "Honorary donor of the USSR" was awarded were awarded with a certificate. The persons awarded by a breastplate "the Honourable donor of the USSR", use all privileges of "Honorary donor of Russia". For all history of existence of this sign it was noted about 50,000 people. In 1980-1990-ies to sign when delivery is added its reduced copy-breast badge, and a certificate conforming to the model. How many were issued Mechnikov unknown, but presumably about 12000 pieces. And badge, and breast badge made from aluminium and was fastened to clothing with a pin. The doctors and donors this sign is called "Order of blood", since in order to was necessary to donate blood at least 40 times. Although the Statute of the mark was noted not less than 40 doses-330 ml, but many honorary blood donors, at the time of its receipt, handed over a much greater amount of blood. The average statistical amount as at 1991 was equal to 22 litres. Therefore, even though the sign and jokingly named "the Order of blood" but really it is. And every honorary donor in my life saved at least two human lives. As for example in complex open injuries with blood loss, the man shimmers from 5 to 10 liters of blood.

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