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The three volumes of " the Archaeology of the USSR"

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61 $
The original.

The USSR, publishing house of the Academy of Sciences, 1987. Hardcover, embossing. Excellent collectors condition. All pages on the site. Volume of 243 pages. The book size is 22.5*30 see the Guarantee of authenticity.

A three-volume includes:

    1. The Mesolithic of the USSR. The book outlines the history of the population of our country since the end of the X-VI Millennium BC, as it is represented in archaeological materials. It summarizes the results of years of research by Soviet archaeologists in the study of the Mesolithic. The volume contains a description of the main Mesolithic sites in the territory of the USSR: stone tools, dwellings, economic constructions, objects of funeral rites and ancient art. For archaeologists, historians, ethnographers, paleogeographic, local historians, teachers and students-historians.

    1. The Eneolithic of the USSR. That is the first in domestic and world science synthesis study on Chalcolithic of the USSR. It examines striking and original of the early agricultural culture that emerged on the territory of Central Asia, the Caucasus, right-Bank Ukraine and Moldova in VI-IV millennia B. C. the Book contains a detailed bibliography and numerous illustrations.

    1. The bronze age forest belt USSR. The present volume is devoted to the archaeology of the bronze age forest, forest-steppe and tundra zones of the USSR. The diversity of natural conditions has determined and differences in paths of economic, social and spiritual adaptation of the population to the environment. The development of bronze metallurgy in the second Millennium BC increased the productivity of human labor, which led to the addition of multi-industrial economy, combining subsistence fisheries to productive sectors.The authors of the volume are leading archaeologists of the USSR on this issue.


Excellent collectors condition.

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