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Belt buckles, beltsRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Silver-decorated belt for a Georgian dagger made by T. Dzhikiya

2 475 $
Russian Empire
the beginning of the twentieth century
The original.
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2 475 $
Country:Russian Empire
Dating:the beginning of the twentieth century
The original.

A very rare and beautifully executed belt decorated with numerous silver overlays. Leather, silver, scan; blackening, gilding. The total weight is about 1 kg. It was intended to carry a dagger. The belt owner's initials are on the buckle. The skin is somewhat roughened, needs softening. On the "tongue" is written in black in the Georgian language "Made by T. Jikiya." This inscription allows you to accurately determine the name of the manufacturer of this piece of jewelry – Tom Dzhikiya. Thomas Andros Djikia was born in 1888 in a village in Onogii (Martville Municipality). At the age of ten he came to Tbilisi and became an apprentice of a famous jeweler Archila Asatiani. After graduation, he opened his own workshop on Serebryanaya Street in Tbilisi. Toma also took care of his younger brother Ambrose, who also came to the city in 1902 and began studying at Tbilisi Civil Elementary School. After graduation, Ambrose mastered jewelry in the workshop of his older brother. Tom and Ambrose Dzhikiya used the techniques of silver casting, molding, gilding and twisting typical for Tbilisi masters (torsion). Initially, they created mainly traditional goods that from time immemorial had a beneficial effect on the population: dagger and belt jewelry, Georgian dishes: kules, nettles, magic tricks, azarpeshi, kanze, etc. However, the brothers' work coincided with a turning point in history. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the situation of artisans has become increasingly difficult. In the era of industrialization, people's minds were most fascinated by technological progress and the bustle of factories. In addition to the fact that folk artisans could not compete with factory products, traditional forms of production were often seen as a reminder and a brake on progress. This coincided with the First World War, the Soviet Revolution, the Sovietization of Georgia, the destruction of the church, repression, the disappearance of Georgian traditional clothing and its elements, the sharply negative attitude of the Bolsheviks to the artificial production of weapons and general economic poverty. Because of all this, in the first third of the twentieth century, Georgian traditional jewelry was on the verge of extinction.

 The situation has relatively improved since the 1930s. During this time, a number of activities have been carried out to The Union and at the republican level with the aim of reviving handicraft production. In 1936 , it was founded in Tbilisi "House of Folk Art", the purpose of which was the study and revival of folk crafts. In 1938 , at the House of Creativity were created "Experimental art workshops", which later became " Educational factory of Georgian folk art". He was transformed. Their goal was to preserve the living traditions of folk crafts and pass them on to new generations. Experienced masters, including Thomas and Ambrose Jikia, were invited to the master classes. From this period, the brothers were again allowed to return to making traditional items. Traditional Georgian ceramics and weapons reappear in their works. It was during this period that Toma Dzhikiya made a Georgian dagger with a traditional Tbilisi ornament, which was sent to The Paris International Exhibition in 1937. Toma died in 1951.

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