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Russian Empire

Postcard "Cossack His Majesty's Own Escort in dress uniform"

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Russian Empire
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
The original.

His Majesty's own Convoy was a separate regiment chetyrehjadernogo of the whole, two hundred of which were completed and two of the Kuban – Terek Cossacks. Despite this, his outfit was peculiar, had little to do with these troops. Dress uniform of the Cossacks of the Convoy consisted of red cloth Circassian, pry under her white tunic, black hats, long fur with reinforced front insignia, black trousers and soft Caucasian black leather boots without heels. A characteristic feature of the uniforms of the escort soldiers – decorative trim chest naptronics of black velvet, resembling patch pockets. And the Circassian beshmet trimmed with a special so-called Caucasian braid on his shoulders – yellow cords hussar type with applied Imperial monograms. The arming of Cossack consists of checkers, the dagger and a rifle without a bayonet. Shoulder – rifle case black boroznova felt. One of the privileges of the Convoy was right to pass on the parade, resting the rifle butt on the thigh in such a position Cossack and depicted on the postcard. The postcard is a colored lithograph made on the basis of the drawing, not the photo that is more typical of the late nineteenth century than the 1900s and 1910s In the lower right corner – author's initials "N. To.", to decrypt which is not possible. Lovely rare item in excellent condition.

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