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Russian Empire

Medal of the Imperial Russian Automobile Society in memory of the III International Automobile Exhibition in St. Petersburg in 1910

6 125 $
Russian Empire
1910 year
The original.
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6 125 $
Country:Russian Empire
Dating:1910 year
The original.

An original and quite rare medal in excellent condition. St. Petersburg Mint, 1910 Medallist of the art. A.A. Grilihes (son) (without signature). Silver; 61.18 g. The diameter is 51.3 mm. The safety is almost excellent, traces of small impacts. Dyakov# 1492.1 (R3). Smirnov, add.# 1430b. In total, 7 large silver medals were made, which makes this medal a real rarity. Provenance – auction "Coins and medals" No. 139, lot 361. Guarantee of authenticity.


The III International Automobile Exhibition was an automobile exhibition that opened in St. Petersburg on May 15, 1910. The main events were held in the complex of buildings of the Mikhailovsky Manege. The purpose of the exhibition was stated to popularize the Russian automotive industry, as well as to expand and streamline the domestic automotive market. The organizing committee of the exhibition was established to organize the event. The first Secretary of the Russian Automobile Society, Vladimir Vladimirovich Svechin, was elected Chairman of the committee. The administrative committee also included: Count V. V. Gudovich, Prince A.D. Obolensky, Baron N.N. von Korf, Count A.A. Mordvinov. The Mikhailovsky Manege in St. Petersburg was chosen as the venue for the motor show.

The manufacturers presented to the public exactly 100 cars, two boats and two airplanes. The cars were divided into groups as follows: 10 trucks, 2 omnibuses, 1 freight, 3 two-seater, 12 limousines, 23 landaulets, 31 phaetons and 17 chassis. Most of the cars were with a gimbal transmission. By May 25, more than 50 cars were sold at the exhibition. Many manufacturers have received additional orders for their products. So, the Russian-Baltic plant, having brought five cars to the exhibition, sold twenty.

The Expert Commission awarded both government and private awards in the form of "Diplomas", "Commendation sheets", "Commendatory reviews", Gold and Silver medals for the best exhibits. In addition to Large gold medals, 13 Small gold medals, 7 Large silver medals, 5 Small silver medals, 4 "Commendation Sheets" were awarded from the "Ministry of Trade and Industry". From the "Imperial Russian Fire Society" two "Commendable reviews" were received by the "Russian Fire Society" and the "Eureka-Bogatyr" society.

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