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Russian Empire

The book by P. I. Kachura "Rocketeers of the Russian Empire"

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In the book "Rocketeers of the Russian Empire" includes two documentary story related by one topic. The first is "the Rocket scientists of the Russian Empire, from Catherine II to Nicholas II" — consists of biographical essays on outstanding national researchers, inventors, designers and scientists in the field of rocketry of the nineteenth century. For the first time in the domestic literature the author has attempted to fully and consistently cover the basic stages of the life and career of the man who lived in Russia from the late eighteenth century and early XX century, to reveal their contribution to the development of rocket science and technology, production and use of missiles. This included the biographies of those who for the first time in Russia, and perhaps in the world, began research on the powder of missiles and missile equipment or has made a significant contribution to their decision — Kartmazov A. I., P. A. Kozin, A. D. Zasyadko, V. M. Vnukov, I. F. Kostyrko, K. I. Konstantinov, V. V. Nechaev, M. M. Pomortsev. A special flavor of biographical essays gives a thorough historical background of the development of scientific, educational and industrial bases of rocketry in Russia in the XIXth century. Estimated priority of the first missile of Russia, their contribution to formation and development of Russian missile industry. The author conducted a large-scale archival and original research, which allowed to establish new facts of the life and work of these professionals. In the second story — "the Thunder of the rocket sound!" — on a strictly documentary basis, describes the dramatic fate of missile armament of the Russian Navy in the nineteenth century, tells of its formation and development, are the memories and biographical data of participants of battles in which missiles were used.

While writing this book, the author made extensive use of primary sources — writings, memoirs, correspondence and little known documents of the Russian archives, libraries and museums. A large number of rare or little-known illustrations gives visual idea of the described time. The book is intended for a wide circle of readers. Of particular interest it is for those interested in the history of Russian science and technology.

Volume of 384 pages. Circulation: 2,000 copies.

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