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NEW! Book E. Boldyreva, Russian daggers"

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Dear friends! Are pleased to present to your attention the continuation (specifically, the preamble books «Soviet Dirks", published by «Dugout" in the 2013 new edition of «Russian Dirks" volume 208 pages devoted entirely to the daggers of the different parts of RIA and civilian agencies that existed in Russia in XVIII — the beginning of the twentieth CC (until 1917). The aim of this work was to combine in the book is one of the most popular destinations in the collecting of Russian edged weapons – daggers. To this point, no one such attempt made not . We have tried to create a convenient directory clearly divided into the period of existence of those or other samples. An important task was also the comprehensiveness of the material – the need to show all models of weapons that fall under the concept of «dagger", in one place.

In preparation of materials and collect information about those or other weapons, we faced the problem of proper attribution of Dirks, establishing an exact date. This problem «thanks" many earlier editions, committed, volume and for by simply rewriting each other, a lot of mistakes. In the attribution of Dirks we make conclusions solely on the sources; the where these are not available, we only set forth all «" «against" one or another version, introducing the reader right to comprehend the problem and make conclusions on their own.

In the book we also entered in the scientific revolution are some new models of Dirks. For example, you will find the existence of the knife rank officials of the Altai and Nerchinsk mining districts. 1898, Dirk Separate corps of Border guards. 1909, examine the problems of attribution of the so-called Dirks Inner guard and couriers of the Navy Department. 1858, will open for the Dirks White Navy during the Civil war on the far East and more. Sure presents the book can become a real discovery for the majority of Russian collectors of knives and Museum workers, as a scientific publication, the findings of which are based on historical sources and many years experience of collecting people taking part in its created.

Price the book is only valid for the pre-order stage. The book of the printing – first week of August 2015. Please do not hesitate placing the order, because most of the books will be sold wholesale to organizations that, in the future, will make the price not less than 3500 rubles for the instance.


Здравствуйте, мне привезли в подарок книгу, выпущенную вашими силами "Русские кортики ", если сказать, что я впечатлён, можно ни чего не сказать. Я ВПЕЧАТЛЁН!!! Просто молодцы! Это именно та типология, которая просто необходима, любителям..... ценителям и просто не равнодушным, к величию Русской истории. На рынке много книг по холодному оружию, но это или книги, где засунуто всё подряд или дают поверхностное представление. А такие объёмные труды, можно пересчитать по пальцам. Молодцы!!! Так держать!! У вас есть ещё возможность реализовать желания коллекционеров и тем самым закрыть пустые страницы..... Ждём следующих книг.(шпаги, сабли, кинжалы). )) Андрей. Город Таллин.

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