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A new book "the Life guards of His Majesty's Cossack regiment". ALREADY ON SALE!

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Dear friends! We present You a new unique album "Life-Guard His Majesty's Cossack regiment», a joint project with miraculously preserved by the Museum of the Lifeguards Cossack regiment, which is located in the suburbs of Paris - Courbevoie. 270 pages, more than 550 rare photos and photos of items (form, weapons, utensils, documents, colors, engravings, paintings, prize-winning trophies, awards and other) from the collection of the Museum and its branch in Brussels (Belgium). The text is written on the basis of memoirs of officers of the regiment of different epochs and in combination with illustrative material is brilliant, brave, charismatic world of the Russian Imperial army, the don Cossacks and died of Old Russia. Part of the material is devoted to the life Labazanov in exile. Chapters of the book are divided by the reigns, starting with Catherine II and ending with emigration in the 30-ies of XX century. The book will be of interest both to specialists (collectors, historians), and all inquisitive readers who are not indifferent to the history of their country.

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