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Russian Empire

Album "Premium arms on the portraits of Russian officers"

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"Premium arms on the portraits of Russian officers– is a unique project of our shop, which is the result of works by several years of search and attribution photos officers of the Russian Imperial army, depicted with a weapon award. In the album about 200 rare photos.

In the Internet at various forums for many years there is some debate about what labels "For bravery» there was, and which are not; where was attached crosses on St George's arms and "cranberry» on Anninsky, and where not; as you did with the prize marks on the sheath and the hilts of checkers, etc. the Result of these discussions, as a rule, becomes the negation of all non-standard. That is why one of the main tasks of the album we did an illustration of the various design options premium weapons on the example of original photographs of that time, as undeniable evidences of the reality of the past years. In addition, we have tried not to leave faceless most part portraits, because the people depicted on them are genuine heroes of the time.

Album, we decided to split into several parts: "Anninsky weapons», "Prize weapons», "George weapons and dual awards»and to publish two small applications "Premium weapons in portraits of Russian officers», and "Premium weapons in the red army». Most of the images in the book are themselves collectors, for this special thank you very much. Some photos taken from publicly available sources. In addition to text descriptions and directly pictures themselves officers, some images contain a color photo of arms depicted. Unfortunately, discover the genuine sabres and daggers, belonging to one or other officers, almost impossible, so we, for example, the original objects from the collection of Alexander Gozdevica (agvozd), tried to make some «reconstruction», picking up things, roughly similar to those depicted in the hands of the heroes. I hope this move will allow even more clearly to perceive photographic material of the album.

this book is 244 pages, circulation-500 copies of the Corners slightly dented due to the dual delivery.

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