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Uniforms, headgearRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Superbest the lower ranks of the L-GW. Regiment

Russian Empire
the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries.
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
Dating: the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries.
The original.

the Russian Empire, the end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries Supervista - sleeveless jackets of colored cloth, short jackets, which was simultaneously a kind of imitation of the breastplate were widely distributed in as ceremonious forms of heavy cavalry and all kinds of guards units in Europe XVII-XVIII centuries In Russia first appeared in the number of items of uniform cavalry corps, formed in 1724 the occasion of the coronation of the Empress Catherine I. In 1841 in the memory of the glorious traditions of scarlet cloth supervista were set for two regiments of guards cuirassier - cavalry and the Life Guards Horse - in as a special Palace uniform. &Nbsp;cut this outfit consisted of a short jacket, which was put over the head on top of the drill white tunic and zastayafshyysya on the hooks on the left side. Edge supervista-trimmed dark blue cloth and was decorated with the officers metallic braid (silver for the horse guards and gold for Horse guards), and the lower ranks in both shelves - yellow basalom. Below the waist the finishing was done in a series of semi-circular scallops. Front the chest was attached fittings — horse guards in the star of the order of St. Andrew and in the guardsmen in the form of the two-headed eagle, embroidered with gold silver officers and invoice metal for the lower ranks. Superfast lined with white linen. Rushed it in set white tunic, copper helmet, decorated with double-headed eagle, white leggings (according to the ancient tradition of their wore only wet for the best fit legs and no wrinkles) and black lacquer bottomtime above the knee. Impressive form for inner Palace guards lasted until 1917, true, , 1881, it is left only in the kit two compositions of the guard, and with 1914 used at all. Thing, with the exception of minor damage, excellent condition. On the degree of rarity of it with can rightfully be called a rarity. Guaranteed original.


The thing is, except for minor damage, in excellent condition.

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