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Uniforms, headgearRussian Empire
Russian Empire

The uniform of a student of Konstantin surveying Institute 1904 arr.

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Russian Empire
The original.
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1 875 $
Country:Russian Empire
The original.

Russian Empire, 1904-17, Original uniform in good for their age and rarity. In the sale greeted us for the first time. Konstantin surveying Institute was one of the oldest educational institutions of the Russian Empire – its history led from Constantine landmark school, based in 1779 and received the honorary title of name born in the year grandson of Empress Catherine II – the crown Prince Konstantin Pavlovich. In 1819, the school was transformed into surveying school, and in 1835 – in the Institute. Interestingly, until 1901 he was a high school the modern sense, but in fact combined in composed of several compartments, each of which gave their degree in special education from the initial higher. In 1849 — 1867, the Institute was actually part of the militarized Boundary of the housing. In 1916, he got the name of the Emperor Constantine surveyors ' Institute. In 1890 the pupils of the Institute was has a nearly uniform same sample as and officials of Boundary departments of the Ministry of agriculture made from dark green cloth, with collar cuffs dark green velvet with light green edging, but instead of having patterned embroidery on the collar and the cuffs of his coat, from Golden braid. The buttons on his uniform were common to Surveyors ' offices sample – gold image, «landmark guns” — manzoli with the tripod, and made a measuring circuit (on the cuffs with invoice fittings, the tail is 2 buttons missing) 1904 after the General reform of civil uniforms uniforms officials Surveying Department and students of surveying educational institutions have become-breasted 8 buttons and in this form existed until 1917
Despite the long operation in the theatre, the uniform is perfectly preserved. Main disadvantage is the strong wear buttonholes, which long was able to determine departmental affiliation things. Originally for the finish coat was used inexpensive lace with a thin layer of gold deposited on a silver (maybe silver plated) metal thread. In wear regular cleansing gilding on the front side of the braid was completely lost, and the boat began to look as silver, however, uniform this colour, and silver device in the Empire existed. On the turnover of braid gold plated preserved that and has allowed to define the subject. Initially, the uniform should have the shoulders rear shoulder straps, however, on which in the them was fitting – surveying instruments in wreath or framed wreath monogram KMI – no consensus to so far, reliable sources this issue has not yet found. It should be noted that in the beginning of the twentieth V. an extremely small number of students ordered uniforms for their the high cost of the majority was limited to a much cheaper and more affordable shaped jackets. There was even the term «student bloodclaat", denoting the descendant of a rich family, usually conservative views that are alien to the student's environment, in the most part characterized by rebelliousness and the catholicity. Therefore, student uniforms were very infrequent, even in the years; today they meet a rare exception. In addition to loss of gilding on the buttonholes, patches under right sleeve, and the lack of rear shoulder straps, the uniform is very good condition. Original guaranteed.


Except loss of gilding on the buttonholes, patch under the right sleeve and lack of rear shoulder straps, the coat is in very good condition.

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