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Uniforms, headgearRussian Empire
Russian Empire

The uniform of an officer in the engineering corps of the sample 1881

Russian Empire
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
The original.

the Russian Empire, the 1880s, the Subject matter is a good example of the uniform in the Russian national spirit, established by Emperor Alexander III in 1881, These uniforms were inexpensive and practical, however, for the excessive simplicity of their contemporaries  love even «peasant form.  The uniform is made from dark green cloth, collar and cuffs from black velvet with the scarlet-edged, with the collar has also edging bottom, assigned to the artillery and EOD (it was called «scientists Kant’). Collar and cuffs decorated with silver collar from lace special figure. Judging by the height of the collar and cuffs, coat sewn in the 1880s, when it has felt the influence of the fashion of the times of the Tsar-liberator. For such a venerable age thing is a good condition even with the given traces socks and unskilled repair. Uniform equipped with a pair of epaulette captain regiments of army infantry, who had the patronage of Emperor Alexander III (2 infantry Sophia or 145 infantry Novocherkassk) period 1881-1917, with Epaulettes scarlet cloth field and gold monogram of Alexander III were installed in 2 infantry Sophia and 145 infantry Novocherkassk shelves in 1881, This adopt colors without any change has lived up to the revolution itself. Epaulettes without stars without fringe signified rank captain, which the staff were 16 in each infantry regiment (by the number of his mouth, which the captains commanded). The use of cheap and braids, the darkening from the time, characteristic poor officers of the army infantry, forced in the save each piece of the outfit. Despite darkening of the threads of gold and the lace that trimmed the spine, the condition epaulette beautiful, cushions, embroidered monogram and cloth field preserved without any losses that is extremely rare. Guarantee of authenticity. On the customer's request it is possible for separate sale.


For such a venerable age thing is in good condition even taking into account signs of wear and unskilled repairs.

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