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Uniforms, headgearRussian Empire
Russian Empire

The cap of desyatkov Moscow province with plate

Russian Empire
the beginning of the twentieth century.
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
Dating:the beginning of the twentieth century.
The original.

the Russian Empire, Moscow province, XX century. Desyatskiy in pre-revolutionary Russia was called the most law-abiding and trustworthy citizens, selected from the number of farmers for the protection of public order and the help of the local police. In conditions of rural areas, where many people were scattered on a large area, this approach for a long time remained the only correct one. Desyatskiy with the help of the villagers were able to quickly arrest the thief, rebel, or troublemaker, then pass it for inquiry"punishment"hands caused from the township or County equestrian police guard. It should be noted that the same elected police positions existed and exist in many foreign countries (analogue of Desyatka may be considered sheriffs in USA). Uniforms as one-decalskin supposed; for difference other inhabitants they wore lapel official signs and special plaques hats, reminiscent of the valve with caps ranks of the police and consisting of the coat of arms of the province and a stylized ribbon plait, with label «DESYATSKIY». In this case, a plate fixed on the cap — typical the beginning of the twentieth century headdress tradesman, artisan or prosperous farmer. The cap is made of the black cloth of excellent quality cotton lining. Inside are preserved the remains of the factory stamp. Interestingly, the cap is clearly made with eye uniform headgear — so it sewn edging on top on top of the band, though made difference shaped caps, from the main fabric. This cloth covered the outside of the visor, in addition, it interface band reinforced with woven cord. Plate made of brass has itself an emblem of the Moscow province — the image of St. George spearing a serpent, in the heraldic shield, framed by a wreath of the oak and Laurel branches and crowned with the Imperial crown. Despite that the thing is clearly worn, it is excellent preservation. Old state (reformennye) hats official signs today are much less common than, say, the military. Guarantee of authenticity. Very rare.


Although the thing is clearly been worn, it is in excellent preservation.

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