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Photos of officiersRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Photo officers of the 2nd Finnish infantry artillery battalion

450 $
Russian Empire
The original.
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450 $
Country:Russian Empire
Dating: 1914-17.
The original.

the Russian Empire, 1914-17, Luxury large photo of two artillery officers and a military medic in the rank of Colonel in surrounded by family members. Size 290*385 mm Encrypt shoulder straps gunners are read clearly enough. The flip side of the net. Beautiful interior object, in frame Mat can be a good decoration of the interior. Guarantee of authenticity.


Iwan Nicholas (13.12.1867-). The Evangelical reformed religion. Educated at the school of the Lutheran Church. Catherine (graduated 4th class). Service entered 24.10.1886. Graduated from the St. Petersburg infantry cadet school (1891). Released in the 3rd regiment of Kovno fortress. Lieutenant (V. 05.02.1891). The Lieutenant (V. 01.09.1894). He graduated from the Nicholas General Staff Academy (1898; 1-category). The Captain (V. 17.05.1898). Was in Warsaw IN. The chief officer for orders with headquarters IN Warsaw (04.04.1899-09.09.1900). Captain (V. 09.04.1900). The Clerk CH. Staff (09.09.1900-09.12.1905). Enfranchised command of the company he was serving in the 6th regiment of the Finnish page (01.10.1901-30.09.1902). Enfranchised battalion was serving in the 6th regiment of the Finnish page (16.05.-16.09.1905). Colonel (V. 28.03.1904). Staff officer for special assignments at the headquarters of the 22nd army corps (09.12.1905-20.05.1908). Colonel (V. 13.04.1908). Chief of staff of the Ivangorod fortress (20.05.1908-10.07.1910). He was assigned to the artillery (10.05.-16.06.1908 and 21.08.-21.09.1909). With 10.07.1910 chief of staff Sveaborgskaya crepe. Party world war. The commander of the 16th regiment of the Finnish page (with 18.07.1914; on 01.01.1916 in the post). The chief of staff of the 105th infantry division (with 29.02.1916). Major-General (D. 10.04.1916; article 06.12.1915; for excellent-diligent service and works). The chief of staff of the 2nd Siberian arm. corps (10.11.1916-08.05.1917). On 01.03.1917 seniority in the rank of major-General installed 07.08.1915. It reinforces the 4-th Siberian p. division (08.05.-30.09.1917). Was in the reserve ranks at the headquarters IN Petrograd (with 30.09.1917).
on 1 January 1909. - The Ivangorod fortress, Colonel, chief of staff.
SV. Stanislaus 3rd St. (1901)
SV. Anna of the 3rd century (1904)
SV. Vladimir 4 th century (1906)
SV. Vladimir 3rd St. (06.12.1911)
swords to the order of St. Vladimir 3rd St. (VP 23.04.1915)
St. George weapons (EAP 10.06.1915)
swords and bow to the order of St. Stanislaus 3rd St. (29.05.1916)
SV. Anna of the 2nd century with swords (29.09.1916)
SV. Anna 1-th century with swords (PAF 20.03.1917)
The highest blessing (08.01.1916).


Почему Вы решили, что это Иуон, если на обороте нет надписи?

Это фото уже обсуждалось в сети. На фото именно он.

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