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Russian Empire

Photo of the lower ranks of the variable part of the Military avtomobilnoj school

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Despite the obviously staged nature of the picture (fighters seeking revenge for the fallen in battle comrades), the clothing depicted does not bear the slightest share of fiction. The character on the left wearing a cap, installed in 1911 for ranks car parts with a low soft crown and straight brim. On the band of these caps usually wore automobile goggles, so that the badge was placed in the cutout for the nose. Around shoulder straps of a soldier is clearly visible tri-colored cord volnoprihodyaschego. The valves on the collar overcoat – black with red edging, the same edging is trimmed and the edge of the collar. Buttons – silver. The colors of the uniforms of two other soldiers the same as the first, and to the set in July 1915, for machine-gun and vehicle platoons (so in the Russian army called part, armed with armored vehicles). The proof of our version is clearly visible on the pursuit of the soldier in the middle of a special sign (logo) machine-gun and vehicle platoons sample 1915 stenciled on the side of the cover cloth of crimson paint. The label was nothing like the usual us car emblem (the winged wheel to the wheels), supplemented by top image is the machine gun on the tripod. It is one of three known photo, which shows such an emblem; the other two are in private collections and are not sold. In the background is a wooden gate with a sign "Garage." Thus, it is possible to assert with confidence that the soldiers in the photo are in Brancaster, and at the time of shooting – undergoing training at the Military automotive school, where, apparently, will get qualification of drivers of armored vehicles. Quite interesting also is the arms of the depicted soldier on the left holding a revolver Smith and Wesson during the war issued in the rear part due to the lack of weapons, and in the center – automatic pistol Browning of the 2nd sample, which was often given to lower ranks of branchala. On the side of the belt he had seen the dagger-Bebutov sample of 1907, which during the war supplied the technical ranks of the troops as bladed weapons. The unique, beautiful story. The guarantee of authenticity.

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