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Photos of soldiersRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Photo gunners of the 2nd battalion of the 51st artbrigady with daggers of mountain batteries

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Russian Empire
1911 – 1912
The original.
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415 $
Country:Russian Empire
Dating:1911 – 1912
The original.

Original and extremely rare large-format the in good collectible condition. 51st artillery brigade led his story from formed in 1897, the Caucasus reserve artillery brigade. The latter had the backing of the mountain battery, the mobilization served as the basis for the formation of the existing mountain artillery. In 1904 the entire personnel of the battery was directed on the formation of quick-firing mountain battery is in the East Siberian military district. The East Siberian mountain battery took an active part in the Russo-Japanese war, where it was used not for its intended purpose, and as artillery in direct support of the infantry. After the war, the brigade again became a reserve and returned to the Caucasus, and in 1910 – 1911 at its base was formed 51st artillery brigade, attached to the infantry division of the same numbers. The battery was stationed in Vladikavkaz, and consisted of two battalions of three batteries each. The 2nd division consisted of three mountain batteries, in 1910 – 1911 rearmed with new, highly effective guns, mountain guns of a sample of 1909.

However, the main detail of the photo – daggers of mountain batteries of a sample of 1904, which are armed with artillery. In 1904 this dagger was specially designed for the arms of the gunners of a mountain battery to replace the bulky artillery piece. After the adoption in 1909 as the weapons of all the artillery crooked dagger-Bebutov release daggers of mountain batteries has been discontinued. All they managed to produce no more than 1.5 – 2 thousand. When 20-year service life of knives mountain battery, received in 1904 daggers like these, preserved them in time of peace, but because of the rarity in the photos this weapon is not found. Today it is the only identified photo, and, moreover, the group, which shows lower ranks of mountain artillery armed with daggers mountain battery of the sample in 1904, the Unique, the guarantee of authenticity.

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