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Photos of soldiersRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Photo of the sentry, the Sergeant Dynamische serf infantry battalion with a rifle Berdan number 2

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Russian Empire
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
The original.

Russian Empire, 1888 the Fortress Dinamunde (dunamunde) was founded in 1205 on the Peninsula near Riga (now it is one of areas of the Latvian capital). In 1710 the fortress was captured by Russian troops and with those then included in the composition of the coastal fortifications of Russia. In 1893 – 1917 was called the Ust-Dvinsk, under which is best known in the pre-revolutionary literature. Despite that the brave soldier photographed on the background of old coastal guns, he not relevant to artillery than shows no red edging on the collar of his coat. About non-commissioned officer rank indicated by the buttons on cloakroom valves and tri-color (black-orange-white) twisted cord sewn on the top circle of the hat. Fit overcoats (without buttons on the chest, with Velcro hooks) corresponds to the pattern prescribed for the entire army in 1881 At this headgear the soldier is not lambskin cap, introduced in the same year, and earlier, called «cloth hat" sample 1862, in common parlance usually referred to as cap. Hence we can conclude that the castle garrison still not managed to switch completely to a new dress code and, thus, the picture was taken in the early 1880s To protect the cold wind with sea of top hats wearing a hood from  called «camel" cloth. On top of the usual coat worn so called «sentry overcoat", made from dark green cloth and time allowed in the outer guard. Posting overcoat time served as extra protection from rain of the wind, were not issued by many people guard for the number of positions, and constantly guard booths (winter booth at the same hook hang coat sentry). The sentry is armed with an infantry rifle Berdan № 2 with a bayonet. To the early 1880s as the time ended in a complete re-equipment of the troops this pattern, which became at fifteen years main firearm of the Russian army. Well are the specific details of the rifle — fly, slim neck of the Lodge and the locking tube of the shutter that served for setting fuse. The rifle is characterized by simplicity, reliability and excellent ballistic qualities. Image size 240*323 mm.

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