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Photos of soldiersRussian Empire
Russian Empire

A rare photo of musician L.-GV. 1st Artillery brigade RIA

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Russian Empire
the late 1860s – early 1870s
The original.
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213 $
Country:Russian Empire
Dating: the late 1860s – early 1870s
The original.

The guards foot artillery were ordered to be uniform lutskanova cut with collar, cuffs and lapel, black FPGA, with red edgings, including and artillery, on the bottom of the collar (so-called scholar of Kant). Nestroeny ranks of the lapel were not supposed even in dress uniform. As hats are used caps in white canvas covers of the sample of 1869, completely covering the crown, band and peak. Difference Of Petrograd. The 1st Artillery brigade was white edging on the cuffs of the valves assigned to the brigade as the lead descended from the scoring team, the L.-GV. The Preobrazhensky regiment, which was supposed to have the same edging. The collar and the flaps of the cuffs sewn buttonholes guards from the yellow-orange trimmings. In the same bason was embroidered shoulder pieces (the porch), since the XVIII century served as a contrast to the uniform of musicians, buglers, drummers and trumpeters. L.-GV. The 1st Artillery brigade was rated red shoulders with a white edging. Most, however, an interesting detail of the picture is to finish the uniform setting as a character – he guards embroidered trimmings not only on the collar, cuffs and shoulders, but also on the sleeves in the corners and on the chest in a horizontal and slanted buttonholes, almost completely covering the lapel. This pattern of pointing existed since the 1800s, and by 1870 the preserved only in the Guard and, moreover, only the regimental musicians choir music (in today's terminology – bands), in contrast to working capital (eskadrennyj, battery) buglers, drummers and trumpeters. Another difference muzykantskii ranks of the choir was a non-commissioned officer's braid on the collar and cuffs, even in those cases, if they are not consisted in the non-commissioned officer ranks. Unlike infantry and cavalry, where he supposed a regular choirs music in the guards artillery existed the so-called non-standard choruses of trumpeters, for which historical data are virtually absent. What is clear is that under Alexander II , their number hardly exceeded 20-25 people in each team. Like all the ranks from artillery non-combatant and musician armed with Dragoon sabers sample 1841 without bracket for the bayonet. Swords worn on the waist belt, shoulder replaced in the early 1870s, which allows you to set an upper time boundary of the photo. Given the rarity of the characters and such an early Dating of the is in every sense a rarity. The guarantee of authenticity.

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