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Photos of civiliansRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Photos of civic officials, serving the needs of defense and war

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Russian Empire
1915 – 1917
The original.
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111 $
Country:Russian Empire
Dating:1915 – 1917
The original.

Wearing shoulder marks in all categories of civilian officials (except police) was abolished in 1910, to a larger difference in their uniforms from the military. However, after the outbreak of the first world war the right to wear protective clothing and a shoulder strap commercial pattern was assigned to the officials of the civil departments serving the rear of the army, or working "for the defense and war". The colour gleams and edgings distillate was defined according to the colors of the buttonholes, the lace color – color of buttons. Mint buttons and departmental valves remained the same as in peacetime. In some cases, shoulder straps could wear also the uniform civil color and cut. Usually did those officials who have worked directly on the ground, "for their greater authority among the troops and local residents." Apparently, shown in the photo belong to this category. The right side to the viewer sits a titular Counsellor in a protective jacket. Colors shoulder strap (gold galloon, black edging and gaps) suggests, it is through the Ministry of the interior. The other four men in uniform – officials of land survey Department of the Ministry of agriculture and state property, who were awarded gold shoulder boards with green gleams and edgings. The green velvet collar and buttons of boundary ranks was portrayed departmental insignia in the shape of crossed the astrolabe, measuring fathoms and a measuring circuit. The left has the rank of collegiate assessor, the right of titular counselor; standing, seemingly, has no rank because it is not relied shoulder straps. Under our assumption, the boundary ranks with the support of the MUP to engage in the surveying of land plots in "foreign areas occupied by the Russian army on the law of war" — in Galicia and on the territory of modern Turkey; the Russian government took all measures to ensure that the population of the occupied areas as soon as possible to return to peaceful life. Interesting, very rare photo, real symbol of the era. Original inserted in a baguette frame under glass. Size with frame 535*460 mm.

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