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Russian Empire

The shoulder straps soured-Lieutenant of the 11th East-Siberian rifle (1910 – 11-th Siberian rifle) regiment RIA

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the Russian Empire, 1900, 1910, Soured-warrant officers were called non-commissioned officers who were appointed on the officer positions. It happened, as rule a time of war because of the shortage of officers. With 1907 zauryad-warrant officers, remaining after the demobilization of the army on the post of Sergeant major or received at this position of reserve, was awarded a same outfit, such as and Feldwebel extended service, but with shoulder straps special sample: hexagonal (as officers); with stitched lengthwise down the middle baldric lace on the color of the metallic device and embroidered on the braid with an asterisk color, reverse metal device (on the Golden braid – silver). Encrypt soured-warrant officers, same and the ensigns were supposed metal overhead. This shoulder strap is fully consistent with the established pattern, the except instead of the embroidered stars metal waybill is used. Most likely, it says that shoulder straps made in 1914-1917 This category of military personnel were very few, and information the participation of soured-warrant officers in the first world war very scarce and fragmentary. What is clear is that veterans enlisted, who served in 1904-1905, Yes    officer positions, , 1914 in the ranks of the remaining units. Very rare, almost rare epaulettes.

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