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Russian Empire

Shoulder straps Junior gunner of the 2nd Grenadier artillery brigade

Russian Empire
1909 – 1914.
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
Dating:1909 – 1914.
The original.

Russian Empire, 1909 – 1914 Original shoulder strap beautiful collectible condition. Grenadier artillery brigades, structure the material does not different from other field artillery. The name of their was due to the fact that they was attached to the Grenadier divisions, retaining its name and in fact memory of past military achievements. Only Grenadier artillery brigades were four. Three of them in Moscow military district (1-I'm in Moscow, 2-I in Pavlovskaya Sloboda, 3rd in Rostov, Yaroslavl province) and the fourth (Caucasian) Tiflis. Shoulder straps of the lower ranks, and in other artillery, was made of scarlet cloth. In March, 1909, when the introduction of new ciphers and special characters (emblems) on the shoulder of artillery and technical troops for Grenadier artillery was developed special special sign in a burning Grenada with the crossed gun barrels, in the 1st – 3rd brigades encryption relied in the form number. Shoulder straps were intended to wear uniform than shows the lining, is made of the black uniformed cloth. Two stripe, has a Junior gunner, violation of the rules made of white lace with a narrow red stripe, and of gold braid. Maybe the straps were ordered by the owner specifically to show off to fellow countrymen in the vacation or slip stock; about this else residues neustupneho attachment to the form of webbing (regular straps on uniform and his coat was vivalis bottom edge in the sleeve seam). Shoulder straps equipped with original button the mint in the Grenada with guns. As and any soldier's shoulder straps of the early twentieth V., it is a great rarity. Lovely collectable condition, guaranteed original.


Original shoulder strap in excellent collectible condition.

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