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The set of uniform and equipment of the Japanese soldier arr. 1930 (type 90). NEW PRICE!

The original.
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Dating: 1930s
The original.

Japan 1930s Rare lot of Japanese forms of rank of the Second World war, including:


    1. army Uniform type 90 with the insignia of corporal military police. The size of a tunic 46-48. Very good condition, without losses. Needs little washing. Uniform with hard standing collar, five brass buttons, two chest pockets. Welt pocket closed with a flap with a figured toe in the centre, fastened with a brass button. This uniform is a rare species, which had no pockets.

    1. Cap enlisted personnel of the Japanese army. At the bottom there is the stamp of the manufacturer.

    1. Jar Japanese army of 1.2 liter own body kit

    1. Rusks or cartridge bag (missing one element cherepichnaya strap).

    1. the Knapsack army. Canvas cover on wooden basis. In that pack was usually kept a spare pair of shoes (most often Taby), coat-tent pegs, spare socks, towel, soap, toiletries, sewing kit, medical service to first aid, emergency linen and rations for a few days. Outside in the container was attached a blanket or coat in the horseshoe roll (as shown in this photo).

    1. Leather soldier's belt with a pair of pouches to rifle Arisaka. Each cartridge pouch has the stamp of the manufacturer.

    1. Press the army.

    1. Winding.

    1. Army cotton blanket in the roll. The safety of a good, multiple tracks from moths around the perimeter. The inefficiency of these blankets is clearly evident when landing on Attu when every Japanese soldiers had to use seven blankets.

    1. Spare pair of shoes - plain "Taby» rubber-soled

    1. Bayonet to rifle Arisaka arr. 1897


Shoes in this kit are available, but if necessary, we can help to find them. Can also help to pick up the rifle bayonet Arisaka MMG and the rifle itself.


Extremely rare lot, can become a decoration of any military Museum of our country as a whole and the Russian Far East in particular on the topic of the Second World, and military action in Khasan and the Khalkhin-Gol.


Excellent condition.

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