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Medal for participation in CEM, Bulgaria

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Bulgaria, 1930s Bronze, forging. On the obverse of the coin depicts the coat of arms of the Bulgarian Kingdom on background crossed swords and in surrounded by a Laurel and oak branches. On the reverse shows the years of participation of Bulgaria in world war 1915-1918 and a wreath of wheat, Laurel and oak leaves, symbolizing Macedonia, Thrace and Moesia. The tape is missing. Perfect collectible status. Guaranteed original.


Historical background: the Medal for participation in the European war (1915-1918) (Bolg. Medal for participation in Evropeiskaja war (1915-1918)) - special commemorative medal of the Bulgarian Kingdom, dedicated to the country's participation in the First world war. The medal was established by the decree № 9 of the Bulgarian king Boris III of 9 dekabrya year. With a medal for participation in the European war, was uchrezhdeniyami for participation in the Balkan wars (1912-1913).

Medal was awarded to all living Bulgarian army soldiers who distinguished themselves in time of the First world war, as well as relatives of those killed in the war. Also the medal was awarded to civilians:volunteers, nurses, surgeons and journalists. In addition, the medal can be awarded and foreign citizens (as a rule, it was full of soldiers of the armies of the allies Bulgaria in the war).


Excellent collectors condition.


Medal for participation in the European war (1915-1918) (Bolg. Medal for participation in Evropeiskaia war (1915-1918)) — a special commemorative medal Bulgarian Kingdom, devoted to the participation of the country in the First world war. The medal was established by decree No. 9 of king of Bulgaria Boris III 9 декабря1933 year. Along with the medal for participation in the European war, was uchrezhdeniyami for participation in the Balkan wars (1912-1913).

The medal was awarded to all living Bulgarian army soldiers who have distinguished themselves during the First world war, and relatives of those killed in the war. Also the medal was awarded to civilians:volunteers, nurses, surgeons and journalists. In addition, the medal may be awarded to foreign nationals (generally, they were soldiers of the armies of allied countries of Bulgaria in the war).

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