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The cleaver of the knowledge of the Mars sample 1794

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The original.
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3 836 $
The original.
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Общая длина: 688 мм.
Длина клинка: 537 мм.
Ширина клинка у пяты: 41 мм.


A fine example of French arms of the period the Consulate of Napoleon Bonaparte in nice collectable condition. Blade knife steel, straight, duesbery, rhombic cross-section, without grooves. The combat end is decorated with a triangle. Efes consists of a handle and crossguard. The handle is brass, straight, conical, oval in cross-section, decorated with stylized fish scales. The head of the arm is rounded, top ruslaan the shank of the blade. Rectangular cross decorated with flap in form of a truncated pyramid with a relief image of a Phrygian cap. From the outer end of the d-pad moves the shackle guard with a curved end, from the ends of the cross-piece downward depart two metal arms with the ends of teardrop shape. The wooden scabbard covered in red cloth with a brass instrument. The device sheath is composed of the mouth, ability with two movable side rings for belt and tip and connected the straps at the sides. The tip is symmetrical with a massive Shoe and decorated with high-relief floral scrolls.


item is in good collectible condition. Surface corrosion on the blade.


The design of this slicer was developed in 1794 by the artist Jacques-Louis David, specifically for Acul de Mars. Each cadet of the school of Mars was given a sword, the scabbard of which differed depending on rank. The difference was in the fabrics of different colors, which was decorated scabbard; some of the fabric was blue and the other yellow, the third red, the fourth green. The official name of this weapon had. "Cleaver of the knowledge of Mars. 1794," it was named in the book of A. N. Kulinsky, "European edged weapons". In other sources it is called the sword, with the sword, are even analogies with the Roman Gladius. The last comparison has some basis: since many of the French revolutionaries was attracted to the ancient culture, they strongly revived Greek and Roman traditions. Uniform for cadets of Acul de Mars, which used the sword, was also developed (by the way, the same Jacques-Louis David) in the Roman style.

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