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Slasher employee of the German fire protection endowment

2 889 $
the beginning of the twentieth century
The original.
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2 889 $
Dating:the beginning of the twentieth century
The original.
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Very rare and interesting item, made, no doubt, custom made for presentation to the celebrant. Cleaver has the blade steel, straight, single edge, with one wide fuller on both sides, Nickel plated. On the butt of the saw blade. Efes consists of a handle and crossguard. The handle is wooden, spindle-shaped spiral grooves. At the base of the handle located brass bushing, conical in shape, with two transverse grooves. The pommel is brass, with button on top, curly, decorated with ornaments of simple geometric shapes. Garda with a single primary protective arc, which smoothly passes into the crossbar. The far end of the crosses figured, with relief and bent towards the blade. From the main handle from the middle of departs additional fits under the crossbar. There is also an additional handle on the right side under the crossbar. The bow is decorated with a relief floral ornaments. Leather scabbard with brass device consisting of a mouth with fixed bracket, ability fixed ring and tip with asymmetrical Shoe. The device sheath is embossed with designs on the vegetable subject, as well as the image of fire emblem. A very rare specimen.


Item is in good collectible condition. Fading and minor loss of Nickel plating on the blade. Temporary patina on the device sheath and brass details of the hilt. Scuffs on the handle.

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