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Europe, Asia

Hatchet British military drummers sample of 1856

990 $
1856-1895 years
The original.
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990 $
Dating:1856-1895 years
The original.
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Общая длина: 620 мм.
Длина клинка: 480 мм.
Ширина клинка у пяты: 33 мм.


Blade steel, straight, duesbery, rhombic cross-section, without grooves. On the basis of the blade caused polestera etched the inscription in the cartouche vegetable "ROB... OLE // Manuf... rs // Birmingham" — the mark of the manufacturer, the English company "Robert Mole & Sons" from Birmingham. The whole hilt is of brass, consists of a handle and curved crosses. The handle tapers in the middle. The pommel is rounded, on top of the hilt and the blade tightened with the screw. Cross a short, three-lobed at the end. At the crossroads is a rectangular block with high-relief monogram "V.R." – VICTORIA REX (Queen Victoria, 1837-1901). Under the cross-piece triangle decorative sitic. The whole hilt is decorated with high-relief floral scrolls. The scabbard is missing.


item is in good collectible condition. Slight surface corrosion on the blade.


Unlike the musicians, drummers and trumpeters were military and could get the order to join battle with the other soldiers. Their position on the front lines made them very vulnerable, their bravery on the battlefield was legendary. Since the mid-eighteenth century troops were given weapons that were modeled on the type of scimitar. Details to restore the appearance of this weapon is difficult because there are only few copies. By 1802 operating procedures approved sword with a straight blade like a cleaver Sergeant on the front line. This is the standard weapon of the non-commissioned officers of infantry of the sample in 1796 with brass hilt and blade. This uncertain situation continued until 1856, when for drummers and trumpeters approved a brand new model of 1856 the first version. On the form of the Gothic cruciform hilt was affected by the Victorian interest in the middle ages. About the effectiveness in battle is forgotten, which is not surprising. It should be noted that, although the cleaver was called the model 1856, this weapon drummers used from 1840-ies. Perhaps the official recognition of this fact has forced the authorities to standardize the weapons in 1856. For collectors there are two types of saber — version with hilt made of brass for drummers and version with hilt of iron for trumpeters and infantry regiments. Some infantry regiments have a picture hanging horns instead of the Royal monograms at the cross of Ephesus. The last change was made in 1895 when he reduced the size of the cutlass and introduced a smooth oval handle. These models are extremely rare, though the version with iron handle harder to find. Many instances on the hilt and the end side of the sheath are hallmarks of the regiments.

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