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Cleaver French firemen (?), option

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Blade steel, straight, duesbery, with two narrow valleys on both sides. The handle is horn, with spiral grooves, which are wrapped with twisted brass wire. The pommel is brass, spherical with a button at the top. Cross brass, straight, short with round endings. Leather scabbard with brass device consisting of a mouth with a notched peg and tip with a ball. Fixed on the scabbard leather hanger. In type of this slicer is very similar to the French hatchets firemen of the sample of 1855, differing from it by the presence of the horn hilt is brass. It is possible that this type of cutlass was intended for export to the French colonies, or was a custom at the request of one of the fire departments of France. In any case, quite an interesting and rare item in excellent condition, complete, in addition, the original suspension.

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