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Bulgarian M36 helmet

238 $
1937-1944 SG
The original.
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238 $
Dating:1937-1944 SG
The original.

The original helmet is in good collectible condition. The dome is strong, the original color and a liner. The guarantee of authenticity.


In the mid 1930-ies, the Bulgarian army faced the need to replace an old German steel helmet M 16 used in the Bulgarian army since the First world war. This helmet does not suit the Bulgarian military in many ways. Overcoming limitations in the development of the military sector imposed on Bulgaria after the First world war, by 1936, the helmet was created, it was the model 1936 (M 36). Already in 1937, the helmet began to be delivered to the army. The contour of the new helmet was completely original and only vaguely resembled the German M 16. Silhouette of a Bulgarian soldier, depicted on the medal "For courage" is easily recognizable, largely thanks to the distinctive steel helmet M 36. The weight of the helmet was about 1200 grams. Steel thickness 2 mm. a Characteristic feature of the M 36 had two vents located on the right and left sides, reminiscent of the vents of the German M 16. There were three types M 36 - "type A" "type b" and "type C", it was primarily due to the fact that the helmets were manufactured at different factories (Sandrik - Dolne Hamre Slovakia Bruder Gottlieb und Brauchbar - Brun, Moravia and Bratri - Brocage at the factory at the time was Austrian made helmets M 17) and the fact that the use of helmets Bulgarian military adjusted its requirements for combat helmets. M 36 A M 36 "V" differs from M 36 "" only zavallone the ground of a helmet (type "C" characteristic sharp edge of the base of the helmet) and the method of fastening the liner in the first two types the liner was attached to the aluminum Hoop, which in turn was riveted to the helmet. Helmets M 36 "" cap as well attached to the aluminum Hoop, but this Hoop was not attached to the helmet, and the four cushioning steel plates, which were fastened to the helmet. M 36 A and 36 M "In" different number of rivets, which fastened the wrap liner. Liner M 36 A is attached with four rivets, and 36 "At" with the three, as well as the German steel helmet M 16. 1936 M 36 was the main helmet of the Bulgarian army. And became a real combat helmet in heavy battles at the end of the Second World War, when Bulgaria was occupied by the red Army, and participated in the battles against the Germans. M 36 has not lost its importance even today. Repainted and with updated liner these helmets were used in the Bulgarian army until recently. (information from the website www.helmet.ru)

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