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A handwritten letter of Napoleon Bonaparte

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France, 1796. The letter adresovano member "of the Council of five hundred» Henri Freewill from the commander of the French army in Italy, which 1796-1797, he was Napoleon Bonaparte.

a Letter written on the letterhead of the commander of the French army in Italy, on the double sheet of paper of French production 1790s, as evidenced by the well observed filigree. The text written in French brown iron-Gallic ink on the front side of the first sheet and the reverse side of the second sheet, sheets 1- 2 - net. On the back of the second sheet in addition to handwriting has two stamp: "the Council of five hundred», and "Italian army. 

a Letter dated 24, on the 4th Republic (13 may, 1796). The author of the letter says Mr. Freewill that he received his letter of 29 germinal 4th Republic (18 April 1796), and also confirms the fact of sending for Mr. Frecheville of a number of official letters. The author claims that he will be glad, if circumstances allow them to unite and "together to fight the enemies of the homeland», assures that he was interested by the proposal of Mr. Frecheville, and he will try to use it.

the Letter refers to the initial period of the Italian campaign, led by Napoleon Bonaparte, as commander-in-chief of the French army in Italy in 1796-1797, on the fourth day after the famous battle in Lodi (10 may, 1796). And already on may 13, Napoleon was in Pizzighettone that housed the headquarters of the army.

the result of a comparative analysis with similar documents stored in the Department of written sources SHM (in funds №  137, 160, 166, 418), managed to establish, that the text of the document was written personally by Napoleon Bonaparte, as evidenced by the peculiarities of handwriting, tilt, characteristic features of the spelling of separate words and letters. The text signed by the hand of Napoleon: «Bonaparte. 

Thus, the presented document is authentic and, undoubtedly, is of considerable historical, archive and Museum value.
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