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Kit form of American infantryman the times of WWII. NEW PRICE!

The original.
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The original.

the US, 1943-45, Extremely rare kit form an American soldier times landing in Normandy in perfect collection status. All of the items in the kit for a long time were selected by our specialists and are guaranteed by the originals. With certainty we can say that none of the Museum of our country of this kit is not. The lot consists of:


    1. Field jacket arr. 1944, made of wool, English sample. On the jacket originally installed insignia average of 95-th infantry regiment 3 army and award of the strap to the medals «Good Conduct Medal», and «Middle Eastern Campaign Medal». On the right inner pocket sewn tag with the size products «34S  and manufacturer «B. Maimon & Sons. Inc.». Above the right pocket of the owner set Planck sign «Distinguished Unit Citation», which was an award issued throughout its shelf, and was worn all his troops. Jacket size small, 44-46. The excellent state of conservation. This model service was presented D. Eisenhower in 1943 and was developed by a Russian emigrant Josef Rum on the basis of a similar English model jacket. In 1944 a new jacket was adopted on the supply of the army as part of the field form, but for the most part worn as casual parts, fought on the Western front.

    1. Woolen official press arr. 1944. The security is excellent. Pants equipped with original canvas belt olive color with steel Prague. Strap length 91 cm, inside is a stamp «J.Q.M.D. 1944. 

    1. Leggings (leggings), dated 1943 and with the signature of the owner of the "L.M. Olszewski». The safety of an ideal.

    1. Boots infantry enlisted personnel, supplied from the USA to the USSR under the lend-lease program. The year is 1943.

    1. a Couple of Granatny pouches, each of which $ 18.5*10*4 see Each pouches could carry on 4 offensive grenade or 2 flue. The security is excellent. Stamps are missing.

    1. 5-cell cartridge pouch canvas satchel for shops to p/p system Thomson arr. 1928, developed by captain mills. The safety of the ideal. Machines Thomson was used in the U.S. army until the end of the war.

    1. Pistol canvas belt arr. 1936. The total length of 97 see This type of belt was designed in 1912, but only to 1936 acquired its final form. Intended for fixing the different field equipment. On the inside there is a stamp «USA and a number of heavily jammed stamps manufacturer. The security is excellent.

    1. Army jar in a protective case. Flask made of white metal, has the mark of belonging to the US army «U.  and marking manufacturer «Vollrath 1943». The case also bear the stamp of the manufacturer and the date of manufacture ’S.M.C.O. 1944»

    1. Leather holster to the gun system Colt arr. 1911. The safety of the good, the skin has abrasions and fissures.

10. Army pack arr. 1936, released in the end of the war. Size 9*28*34 see the safety excellent, marking the manufacturer heavily jammed.

11. Helmet army M1, developed as a replacement helmet arr. 1917. Manufacturer «McCord Radiator and Manufacturing Company of Detroit, Michigan», 1945. Internal plastic part of the helmet is marked «W  in the circle that indicates the name of the producer «Westinghouse Electric Company.  The security is excellent. Very rare.

Describing the package as a whole, we can say that with a slight addition of missing elements of this lot of forms and equipment capable of becoming an excellent exhibit any private or state Museum of Russia.


Extremely rare kit form an American soldier since landing in Normandy in perfect collectible condition.

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