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Single shoulder strap major corps of the red army arr. 1943

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42 $
The original.

the USSR, 1943-45, Cloth, silk lace, crimson edging. The restoration of the lining. Growth 2. Guaranteed original.


Excellent condition.


On 6 January 1943 was signed the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council (PVS) of the USSR "On the introduction of shoulder straps for the personnel of the red army", which was declared by order of NKO № 24 from the city 10.01.1943 15 January 1943 came the order NKO USSR № 25 "On the introduction of new insignia and the changes in uniform of the red Army". By order NKO USSR № 79 from 14.02.1943 was installed shoulder straps for top, senior and middle technical staff of the signal corps, engineering, chemical, railway, troops, topographic, administrative and military legal structure. Field epaulets of the command structure of Golden silk or Golden lace. Field epaulets of the engineering officers, intendants, medical, veterinary, military, legal and administrative services - from željko silver or silver galloon. The shoulder straps were cantonales (trimmed) edges except the bottom, coloured cloth edging. Accordingly promoted to the rank of belonging to the corps or service on the field shoulder strap was placed the insignia: stars, lights and emblems. On the shoulder straps of average command structure – one skylight and metal silver-plated stars; on the shoulder straps of senior officers of two of the lumen and the same stars, but larger. The number of stars on the pursuit corresponded to the military title. Uniform for officers, except commanders of infantry, was established silver plated emblem for branch of service, service.
Emblem and stars on the epaulets of the engineering officers, quartermaster, administrative and medical services – gilded. On the shoulder straps military veterinary composition of the stars gilded, emblem silvered.
On the shoulder straps shaped gilt buttons with a star in the center of which the hammer and sickle.
Shoulder straps and insignia mid-and senior officers of the Jag corps is fully consistent with the epaulets and the insignia of the senior and middle command staff medical and veterinary services, but with their emblems.
Straps military-administrative structure was exactly the same as shoulder straps for senior and middle officers of the medical and veterinary services, but without the emblems.
Shoulder straps width – 6 cm, and the shoulder straps of officers of justice, medical, veterinary and administrative services, 4 see
The colouring of edges and gaps on the daily uniform:
raspberry - infantry and quartermaster service.
red - artillery, EBTV, medical, veterinary, military, legal and administrative services;
blue - aircraft;
- light blue - cavalry;
- black engineering troops;
- engineering and command personnel wore the edges and color service.
Data shoulder straps pressestelle until the end of 1946, when the Technical conditions TU TK SMI sun n1486 from 9.10.1946 for officers of the Armed Forces, was installed shoulder straps with a top pattern epaulettes of generals and officers of the Navy – with the cut off top corner: the upper part of the shoulder straps began to be an isosceles trapezoid, and hexagonal steel straps (reference prepared by A. Sorokin)

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