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Bell-bell with trawler "Arseniy Raskin"

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The original.
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3 100 $
The original.

the USSR, 1940s Bronze. Extremely rare item ship items that stood on the legendary minesweeper black sea fleet «Arseny Raskin  name which is immortalized on «the Memorial to the heroic defense of Sevastopol 1941-1942  built Nakhimov square in Sevastopol in 1967, Weight bell about 15 kg, height of about 40 cm Tab is missing. Guarantee of authenticity. Perfect gift for a history buff Navy the USSR.

background: the Design of the first Soviet base minesweeper other 3 types of «He  started approval of the tactical-technical specifications  create 1930 Conceptual design was ready 1931, technical — 1932, the Chief designer of the ship was M. Veracco. Representatives of the Navy, who made a great contribution to create a vehicle other 3 and its further modifications were C. S. Avdeev, A. T. Il'ichev, I. S. Savitsky.

the construction of the minesweeper was launched on Sevastopol plant in 1932, and in 1934 the serial construction of the ships was raised the Northern shipyard in Leningrad. The first minesweeper other 3 went in the fleet in the 1937 Of them 4 minesweeper in the composition of the Baltic fleet and 4 — for the black sea.

Basic minesweeper other 3 were created with based on the experience of building minesweepers pre-revolutionary buildings of type «Cluses» well proven during the trawling. New base minesweepers had than them more effective Central weapons and strong artillery. On the minesweepers so it was installed anti-submarine weapons (depth charges and babesbrutal), device receive staging minutes Instead of a steam machine with a capacity of 500 HP applied two diesel total capacity of 3000 HP cruising Range increased from 400 3000 miles.

In aggregate, the new decisions taken at the other ship 3, and gave him a significant advantage over minesweepers pre-revolutionary buildings and was a significant step forward for than the ships of this class during the first world war. Ship other 3 became the prototype for create a base minesweepers Russian Navy prospect 53, 58 and A. On the minesweepers of these projects was assigned the following tasks: intelligence, control and trawling fairways and minefields; posting of individual ships and caravans for trawls; mine fields and control submarines.

during the construction of the minesweepers in their the project has made structural changes associated with additional work on the strengthening of Central and artillery weapons, the installation of the newly created mechanisms and equipment, physical characteristics which differed from originally envisaged in the project. This led decreases stability. Mitigation measures have been developed increase stability redistribution of masses for lowering the center of gravity of the ship. With 1935 minesweeper other 3 were already completed with a suggestion on to increase stability. Trawlers improved stability of type «Boom  (Ave 53) began to come in the fleet in the 1938 All their six were built — Sevastopol plant and four — factory «sudomeh»in Leningrad. In addition, Sevastopol shipyard was on the other 58 were built seven minesweepers, little different ships Ave 53.

Minesweeper «T-412  was founded Sevastopol on the Sevastopol marine plant 14.04.1939, (factory № 255), launched water 05.11.1939, put 30.03.1941,, 23.04.1941, raised the flag of the Navy. Got the tail number «16.

during the great Patriotic war participated in the defense of Odessa and Sevastopol. Included in the composition of airborne troops in the Theodosius (at the end of December 1941 — early January 1942), Zander (February 1942), 19.07.1942, got the tail number «15 and 06.01.1943 was named «Arseny Raskin  in memory Raskin Arseniy L. — the chief of the political Directorate of the black sea fleet, who died on line of duty in 1942

During the war minesweeper was about 50 thousand miles, marched along with the other ships 200 transports, brought to the place of battles ammunition, fuel, food and other military equipment. On the ship fascists dropped 480 bombs and released 24 torpedoes.

After the liberation of the Crimea participated in the clearance of the Sevastopol bays. 24.08.1944, it is mounted electromagnetic trawl, under the tactical number «UMTS-412» cleared areas and the ports of the Black sea. Awarded order of the red banner.

07.04.1956, the ship was excluded from the battle staff and into the ship combat training.



Good condition.


The basic design of the first Soviet minesweeper PR. 3 type "land Mine" began with the approval of technical specifications on its creation in 1930, the Preliminary project was ready in 1931, technical — in 1932 by the Chief designer of the ship was H. M. Veraksa. Representatives of the Navy, who made a great contribution to the creation of the ship D. 3 and its further modifications were S. V. Avdeev, A. T. Il'ichev, I. S. Sawicki.

The construction of minesweepers was launched at the Sevastopol plant in 1932, and in 1934 to the serial construction of ships was engaged by North shipyard in Leningrad. First Ave 3 minesweepers entered the fleet in 1937 including 4 minesweeper in the Baltic fleet and 4 for the black sea.

Basic minesweeper PR. 3 was created based on the experience of the construction of minesweepers built before the revolution type "Cluses", proven when trawling. New basic minesweepers had compared them more effective countermeasure weapons and strong artillery. The trawlers also been found to contain anti-submarine weapons (depth charges and depth charge racks), the device for receiving and staging min. Instead of the steam engine 500 HP used two diesel engines with a total capacity of 3000 HP cruising Range increased from 400 to 3,000 miles.

This entire package of decisions taken on the ship etc. 3, give him significant advantages over vessels built before the revolution and was a significant step forward compared to the ships of this class during the first world war. Ship PR. 3 was the prototype to create a basic minesweepers of the domestic Naval Fleet Ave 53, 58 and 53У. The minesweepers of these projects was entrusted with the following tasks: intelligence, control, and trawling the fairways and minefields; separate wiring of ships and caravans during the trawls; the formulation of minefields and anti-submarine warfare.

During the construction of the minesweepers in their project made constructive changes associated with additional works on strengthening Central and artillery, set the newly created machinery and equipment, weight and size characteristics which differed from those originally envisaged in the project. This resulted in a decrease of stability. Were developed measures to improve the stability of the redistribution of mass to lower center of gravity of the ship. Since 1935, the minesweeper PR. 3 was constructed, taking into account proposals to enhance stability. Trawlers with improved stability of type "Arrow" (PR 53) have started to enter the fleet in 1938 there were six built — in Sevastopol and four plant — the plant "sudomeh"in Leningrad. In addition, the Sevastopol shipyard was 58 Ave was built seven minesweepers, not unlike ships etc. 53.

The minesweeper "T-412" was laid in Sevastopol on the Sevastopol marine plant 14.04.1939 (serial No. 255), launched 05.11.1939, put 30.03.1941 G., G. 23.04.1941 raised the flag of the Navy. Received the hull number "16".

During the great Patriotic war participated in defence of Odessa and Sevastopol. Was a part of the airborne troops in Feodosia (in late December 1941 — early January 1942), walleye (February 1942), 19.07.1942, she received the hull number "15" and 06.01.1943 G. was named "Arseniy Ruskin" in memory of Ruskin Arseny Lvovich — the chief of the political Directorate of the black sea fleet, who died in the line of duty in 1942.

During the war the trawler was about 50 thousand miles, escorted along with the other vehicles 200 vehicles, was taken to the place of fights the ammunition, fuel, food and other military equipment. On the ship the Nazis dropped 480 bombs and released 24 torpedoes.

After the liberation of Crimea took part in the clearing of Sevastopol bays. 24.08.1944 G. it mounted electromagnetic tral, under the tactical number "EMTS-412" cleared the waters and ports of the Black sea. He was awarded the order of the red banner.

07.04.1956, the ship was excluded from fighting structure and reformed in ship combat training.


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