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Belt buckles, beltsRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Buckle student of the 1st Kharkiv gymnasium

Russian Empire
1902 (the date of Foundation of the gymnasium)-1917.
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
Dating:1902 (the date of Foundation of the gymnasium)-1917.
The original.

The Russian Empire, 1902 (date of establishment of the gymnasium)-1917, Bronze. Very good collection condition, clear terrain. Guarantee of authenticity.

Historical backgroundin 1902 Progressive "Society vzaimopomoshi working women’ to facilitate their life and education of children in the city of Kharkov in the house built on the order of industrialist and entrepreneur Alchevsk academician of architecture Alexei Nikolayevich Beketov, organized a children's centre and cheap dining room.

Later in the day it was opened a private school, and then only in Kharkiv labour school with labour training without national restrictions, where boys and girls studied together. On the ground floor housed workshops polutornaya, carving wood and lathe workshop.
The first official records of the existence of schools belong to 1907. It is in it time Beketov house could no longer accommodate all those wishing to study here, and started the construction of the new school building in which now children are taught. In the time of gymnasium mathematics taught revolutionary worker, Professor of Kharkov University, Dawas, physics Professor Tarle, history — Professor Pakul, Latin — Professor Matra, which prohibited from teaching in the Tbilisi school due to the revolutionary activity of the son.
After the revolution, the school went on new way, based on the most significant pedagogical achievements of the old school, and  1924 became the best in the city of Kharkov, therefore, on 22 April 1924 it is the first in the country was given the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenina 20-ies Director of the school has been Moldovan Petr Konstantinovich. Warm words recalled the pupils of the gymnasium teacher of geography Love Konstantinovna Gan.


Very good collectible condition, clear terrain.


In 1902 Progressive "Society vzaimoporozhdeniya women workers" to facilitate their living conditions and upbringing of children in the city of Kharkov in the house, commissioned by industrialist and entrepreneur Alchevsk by architecture academician Alexei Beketov, were organized by the children's centre and cheap dining room.

Later it reopened as a private school, and then only in Kharkiv labour school labour training without national restrictions, where boys and girls studied together. On the ground floor there were workshops of this, carving and turnery workshop.
The first official documents about the existence of the schools belong to 1907. It is the time of Beketov's house could no longer accommodate all those wishing to study here, and began construction of a new school building, which now and children learn. While in high school mathematics taught revolutionary worker, Kharkiv University Professor Davas, physics – Professor Tarle, history Professor Pakul, a Latin Professor Matra, who was banned from teaching at the Tbilisi school because of revolutionary activities of his son.
After the revolution, the school went in a new direction, relying on the most significant pedagogical achievements of the old school, and by 1924 became the best in the city of Kharkov, so on April 22, 1924, she was the first in the country was given the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.In 20-e years the Director of the school was Moldovan Petr Konstantinovich. Warm words recalled the students a geography teacher Lyubov Konstantinovna Gan.

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