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Russian Empire

Binocular Galilean type, of the firm of Oscar Richter in St. Petersburg

308 $
Russian Empire
the beginning of the twentieth century
The original.
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308 $
Country:Russian Empire
Dating:the beginning of the twentieth century
The original.

The original binoculars with marking of the firm of Oscar Richter in St. Petersburg in good collectible condition. Optics working. 4x magnification. Equipped with the original leather carrying case with applied gold manufacturer's name on a fabric trim cover. Length when folded 95 mm Guarantee of authenticity.


"The establishment of optical, physical, mathematical, mechanical, and meteorological instruments" Oscar Richter was founded 1850 in St. Petersburg Saxon subjects, a merchant of the 2nd Guild Richter Oscar Bernhard (1823 - ?). The company in the late 19th - early 20th century, gained great fame in St. Petersburg and even recommended by the Ministry of Finance for orders sextants, theodolites and other optical equipment. The store was on the corner of the Admiralty square, Nevsky prospect, Gref, No. 4/1. With its convenient location in the centre of Petersburg, near the Admiralty and the General staff of the store were very popular among the Russian military and sailors looking for yourself through binoculars or a spotting scope, a binocular purchased in the store in 1861 and tested on the Volkov field, was adopted as a model for the supply of the artillery units of the Russian army for the newly commissioned batteries with rifled guns until the end of 70-ies of the XIX century. Firm a and supplier of binoculars for the fortress artillery. In 1870 the firm took part in the all-Russian manufactory exhibition in St. Petersburg , following which he was awarded the bronze medal. At this time the school worked 20 workers, the annual production amounted to 80 thousand rubles.

According to the results of the Polytechnic exhibition of 1872 in Moscow "by O. Richter" was awarded the Grand gold medal "for the devices in all branches of applied physics."Another great success the participation of the company in the all-Russia industrial and art exhibition in Moscow in 1882 was presented: the different physical and mechanical instruments and tools, including: centrifugal machine, air pump, sundial, magic lanterns. At this time the company employed 65 workers , annual production reached 250 thousand.

In 1883 the firm is converted into a trading house on the rights of a full partnership. The owner of the trading house , in addition to Richter's Oscar-Bernhard becomes H. Ewald-Emily (1837-?). After the death of Richter's Oscar-Bernhard in the case in 1893, entering his son Richter, Emil Richard. Both companion living in the same house Gref No. 4-1, where there is a shop and workshop.

In 1910, the owners transferred the shop building Washing, house 59. Later, there is transferred and workshop. In 1917 in the Studio working 14 people, and in April 1918 to 4 people. The firm ceased to exist after 1918.

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