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Russian Empire

A field telephone with the inductor call the company "L. M. Erikson and"

Russian Empire
1914 – 1917
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
Dating:1914 – 1917
The original.
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Extremely rare item of field equipment of the Russian army during the First World war in perfect condition and complete. Telephone communication began to be implemented in the Russian army in 1908 In the main kind of troops – infantry phone was meant for communication battalions with regimental headquarters and higher headquarters, and attached to the infantry artillery. The latter was necessary to avoid losses from friendly fire. One of the participants of the campaign of 1914 later vspomnil: "Grabbing the tube and huddled close as he could to the ground, I loudly shouted: "Artillery firing on its... its...", in response heard someone absolutely calm and confident voice: "I See. Watch the second turn and adjust". Again thundered the heavy guns... Heavy shells flew low over our heads and a few seconds exploded in the village." The most common in the army were the phones of the so-called PHONIC call (buzzer), but the serious downside was a small tone volume, to hear that during a cannonade was not easy. Therefore, during the First world war have been gradually extended apparatus with the so-called induction call and call. To call the subscriber, need to be inserted before the complete unit and the handle vigorously several times to rotate, then the called phone started to ring the electric bell. This unit refers to the category field of the inductor phones, widespread in the Russian army during 1914 – 1917 Their appearance was quite uniform: a rectangular wooden case was covered with a hinged lid, under which was placed a bell, two clips for the wires of a telephone line, a talk button and tube wires. On the back cover was pasted a paper label with the electrical circuit of the apparatus, provided also the color switching of the wires and the name of the manufacturer. This machine is made of the oldest domestic enterprises for the production of telephone property – factory of the Russian joint stock company "L. M. Erikson and" functioning since 1901 in St. Petersburg and is designed to produce up to 60 thousand units per year. Judging by the fact that the registered office of the company on the label is listed as "Petrograd", the phone manufactured on or after August 1914 This type of telephone has been so successful that it was produced unchanged until the mid-1920s, and is based on it with slight modifications, the apparatus of the UNA was produced from 1928 until the end of the Second world war. The phone is perfectly preserved and is in fully complete condition, including the original tube with a wire, the inductor, the label of the manufacturer, all the little details of switching and galvanic cells (batteries). The unit has signs of use (mostly in the form of scuffs handset), however, does not require any restoration. Well-preserved and fully complete field telephones 1910s, in our days on the market practically do not occur. The perfect purchase for true connoisseurs. Recommended!

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