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Russian Empire

The book "Caucasian cross"

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In the middle of a unique collection of "Caucasian cross» - the figure of a military General, hero of several wars, clever statesman count Mikhail Tarielovich Loris-Melikov (1825-1888). The history of the Russian terrorism began in the second half of the XIX century. The count himself was a victim of terror, it is hoped to stop the terror insane and the bloodshed that followed him, to execute the idea that "which has done so much grief». Roman Leonid Grossman "Velvet dictator» (1933about the era of the Imperial reform, the creation of professional political investigation, about the brutal terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of politicians, administrators and Emperor Alexander P.

in Addition to the novel, the book contains memoirs of contemporaries about M. T. Loris-Melikova, a chronicle of his life and activities, as well as analytical articles about him and his perception of Russian writers. For the first time to the readers appears to be three-dimensional, living image of this remarkable man.

the Authors: Bald N. A., Vucetich H. G., Grossman L. P., Horses A. F., Koshelev A. I., Novitsky C. F., 2010, 432 pages, hard cover.

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