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Headgear equipmentRussian Empire
Russian Empire

The sign on the headpiece County equestrian police guard Yaroslavl province

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Russian Empire
1850s – 1860s
The original.
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292 $
Country:Russian Empire
Dating:1850s – 1860s
The original.
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the Russian Empire, 1850s – 1860s Bronze, gilding, stamping. The image of the provincial arms (from the city he in this case is characterized by the presence of the Imperial crown) says that this item refers to the insignia of the cavalry of police guard, responsible for policing in rural areas, where in the XIX – early XX centuries lived the vast majority of the population of the Russian Empire. Each County was divided into three or four called mill, the meaning is similar to police stations in the cities. In the head of state was Stanovoi Pristav, subordinate to which there was a lower ranked — officers and the guards. The number of them on each County not exceed one or two dozens, therefore, items of uniform and insignia of the cavalry police guard in our are rare. On the sign depicts the coat of arms of Yaroslavl province — «the silver shield with a bear, standing, holds in the left paw the Golden axe at this same arm" under the Imperial crown. The details of the drawing, the shape of the crown and no wreath allow approximately to relate the subject to 1850-m – 1870-m. Guaranteed original.


Good condition.


Each County was subdivided into three or four so-called mill, similar police stations in the cities. At the head of the camp stood a bower bailiff, subordinate to whom were the lower — ranking officers and guards. Their number in each County does not exceed one and a half to two dozen, so uniforms and insignia of the cavalry guards in the police these days are rare.

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