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Uniforms, headgearRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Dress uniform officer second regiments of infantry divisions, 1913

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Russian Empire
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
The original.

the Russian Empire, 1913. March 9, 1913, all army Hiking troops (Grenadier, infantry and small shelves, and also gunners and EOD) was assigned to a new form of clothing, which lasted just over a year and for had even spread to all the army. When it the establishment of a military Department has attempted to reduce the cost of the uniforms of the troops, refusing to expensive impractical dark green uniforms of the soldiers and officers, carrying out the time purely ceremonial functions. Now for dress uniform was used several modified daily protective clothing, japaneseest some decorative details and the insignia. Officer dress uniform 1913 consisted of marching uniform khaki (in our time, this item of clothing is usually referred to as a jacket that not quite true), which were fastened color collar top official with embroidered collar color lapel, similar to the guards, shoulder straps were replaced with epaulets. Completed the costume officer belt-scarf and waist belt with the sword in steel scabbard. On the practice of the officers ordered a special «ceremonial marching uniforms”, several modified than a statutory model for facilities and shop. Cut them was is very diverse; it them and is this subject. The uniform is made from cloth khaki surgical weave (in our time, this fabric is usually referred to as a diagonal), cuffs decorated with gold buttons and the scarlet-edged. In difference tunic sample 1907, chest pockets here false, Welt to them valves could get inside. Light blue collar with scarlet edging and sitemi gold collar wearing, and sewn on tightly. On the breast of his uniform tabbed 14 gold buttons for fastening colored lapel color coincided with the color of the collar. For fixing the edges of the lapel on the shoulders tabbed steel buttons. The Board of uniform supplemented hooks with the purpose of tighter fastening. On shoulders, sewn-on gold counter-Bohoniki for fastening epaulette. Collar lined with scarlet cloth, body - silk khaki, sleeve - linen canvas. The absence of the back below the waist pocket flaps with button  - edged speaks of that the uniform is made in between March December 1913 State of uniform almost perfect for with the exception of minor damage from the moth. Officers ' uniforms consisted of 1913 there was a very long, (before world war II) and so today is a great rarity. Guarantee of authenticity.


The state of his uniform, almost perfect, except for minor damage from moths.

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