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Uniforms, headgearRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Cap (cap) the lower ranks of the infantry, artillery and sapper, 1907-1913 gg

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Russian Empire
no later than 1913
The original.
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917 $
Country:Russian Empire
Dating:no later than 1913
The original.

the Russian Empire, the period 1907-1913 Cap without visor with black cloth top and with three scarlet-edged (on the top, on top the bottom edge of the band) in the end of the XIX — the early twentieth century was appropriated ordinary and non-commissioned officers of the fourth regiments of infantry divisions, and also army artillery and engineering corps. The lining is made from canvas, petulant of the oilcloth, the band laid thin, but a very solid cardboard. Judging by the cut, material and some of the features of the sewing, the subject refers to the post-1907 In this year increased size soldier roundels and set wearing her the lower ranks of the army Hiking troops on the band instead of the base. Officially colored caps in the army units cancelled in the March of 1913, with move a new form of service, in fact, we wore until the beginning of world war I, and in the rear districts — and later. In 1914-1917, due to the lack of uniforms were spent almost all it stocks issued in the troops subjects were exploited to wear, so colored caps lower ranks, the in so good condition, are a great rarity. From disadvantages — have minor damage moth the perimeter of the cardboard band jammed in two places, in the resulting band is a little deformed, but it can easily be fixed. On the lining has the factory seals, among which the well-read stamp «C. K. AR. // Amer.//609  in the triangle ( « (Warsaw? Vladivostok? Vyborg?) fortress artillery, reserve battalion (regiment?)»). Very rare. Guarantee of authenticity.


On the lining there are factory seals, among which the well-read military stamp "V. K. AR. // ZAP.//609" in the triangle(presumably, a cap prepared for stowage of a spare battery reserve of the Warsaw fortress artillery in June 1909).


Good condition. Of the shortcomings — has minor damage from moths around the perimeter of the cardboard band jammed in two places, resulting in the sides a bit warped, but this can easily be fixed.

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