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Photos of officiersRussian Empire
Russian Empire

A huge photo of the officers of the 12th infantry regiment Velikolutsky

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Russian Empire
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
The original.

the Russian Empire, 1911. An extremely rare photograph taken in the honor of the 100-year-old regimental anniversary. On the picture shows the officers of the regiment and commander - Colonel Blotnicky Richard Mikhailovich. All the officers depicted in the dress uniform, with Apollo. Picture decorated in the original frame size with frame approximately 80*100 see original Guaranteed in a great sound.


background: Regiment generated on January 17, 1811 in Crimea three mouth to Kerch and three mouth Taganrog garrison battalions, and also six mouth Demetrius garrison regiment, originated with January 17, 1711, were formed when the sea of Azov garrison Pavlovsky, Belokolodskih and Korotezkiy shelves. In October 1812 Velikolutsky regiment accompanied the transports to the army of Admiral Chichagov cases when repelling the invasion of Napoleon participation took  Foreign campaign of 1813 entered in the the composition of the siege of hull in fortress Modlin, took part in the battle of Leipzig, and in the end of the year was divided: one battalion blocked Hamburg, and two Magdeburg. In campaign 1831 in Poland the regiment participated in the assault Warsaw and 6 December 1831, was he was awarded the insignia on caps says: «For Warsaw on 25 and 26 August 1831". on 28 January 1833 Velikolutsky regiment was joined 6 chasseur regiment regiment named Velikolutsky chasseur. April 17, 1856 restored the name of an infantry regiment. In 1863 Velikolutsky regiment participated in with Polish rebels.

Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 he took part in the capture of Lovci and in acquisition battle city Teteven; through Balkans Velikolutsky regiment, marching in the column of General Dandavis, showed outstanding achievements in the capture of November 16, mount Greaty (Fraterna), Zlatica pass, and was awarded with St. George flags with the inscription: «For Great November 16, 1877" but commanded a regiment major Beater 1880 was was awarded the the order of St. George 4-th degree.

February 19, 1911 shelf granted a new banner with the Alexander commemorative ribbons and inscriptions «1711-1911" and «For Great November 16, 1877".


 The regiment formed on 17 January 1811 in Crimea of three mouth Kerch and Taganrog mouth three garrison battalionsand six mouth Demetrius garrison regiment, originated from 17 January 1711, when were formed the Azov garrison Pavlovsky, Belogorodskiy and Korotetskiy shelves. In October 1812 Velikolutsky regiment accompanied the transports to the army of Admiral Chichagov and in cases in repelling the invasion of Napoleon did not participate, and in the Foreign campaign of 1813 became part of the siege corps of the fortress Modlin, participated in the battle of Leipzig, and at the end of the year, was divided: one battalion blockaded Hamburg, and two — Magdeburg. In the campaign of 1831 in Poland , the regiment participated in the assault on Warsaw and on 6 December 1831 he was awarded the insignia on the caps with the inscription "For Warsaw on 25 and 26 August 1831". 28 January 1833 to Velikolutsky regiment was attached to the 6th regiment of Chasseurs and a regiment named the Chasseurs Velikolutsky. April 17, 1856, restored the name of infantry. Velikolutsky in 1863, the regiment participated in the Affairs of the Polish insurgents.

In the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 he took part in the capture Lovci and in learning to fight city Tetevene; when driving through the Balkans Velikolutsky regiment, marching in column of General of Dandeville, showed a remarkable difference in the capture on November 16 mount Greaty (Fraterna), Zlatica pass, and was awarded the St. George banner with the inscription: "For Great November 16, 1877," and who commanded the regiment, major of Beater in 1880 he was awarded the order of St .. George 4-th degree.

19 February 1911, the regiment granted a new jubilee banner with Alexander ribbons and the inscriptions "1711-1911" and "For Great 16 November 1877".

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