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Photos of officiersRussian Empire
Russian Empire

Group photo of the participants of the school of ensigns

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Russian Empire
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
The original.

The Russian Empire, 1914-16, a Very good collection of the state, the images of cardboard on the edges. Pictured here are the students of the school of ensigns of the RIA, including several knights of St. George. The size of the photo with the substrate 27*34 cm, the size of the snapshot 19*29 see the Excellent quality of the image.


ANDREEV Vladimir Vladimirovich (6.10.1878–16.4.1940, SHIPKA, Bulgaria), Colonel. From the hereditary nobility, a native of St. Petersburg gubernia, religion Orthodox. He was educated in the Mikhailovsky Voronezh cadet corps, he graduated from Pavlovsk military school of the 1st level. Service entered 31.8.1896 of cadet in the Pavlovsk military school as a cadet of ordinary rank. A non-commissioned officer 3.10.1897 G., Junior belt cadet 23.4.1898, awarded for excellent shooting 16.7.1898 G., senior sword belt Juncker 21.5.1898 G. Upon completion of the course of the school 8.8.1898 G. promoted to second Lieutenant in the 184th Warsaw infantry reserve regiment with seniority with 13.8.1897 G.; arrived at the regiment 28.9.1898 G. G. 18.11.1898 loaned for testing by service and translation then the Life guards Volynsky regiment to; 30.11.1898 G. enrolled in the lists on secondment and was appointed a Junior officer in the 3rd company. 20.9.1899 translated by G. Leib-guards Volynsky regiment in the same rank with seniority from 8.8.1898 G. G. 30.4.1901 in the final contest at the Warsaw military fencing-gym got 2nd prize for fight on swords "sword". 6.12.1902 G. promoted to Lieutenant with seniority from 8.8.1902 G. 30.4.1903, the competition officers for the prizes in the Warsaw military fencing-gym received 1st prize for fight on swords. 14.2.1904 G. seconded to the St. Petersburg Athletic society to a contest returned 20.2.1904 G. 30.5.1904 was appointed an officer of the Manager of the Warsaw military fencing-gym. 6.12.1904 G. promoted to Lieutenant-captains with seniority with 8.8.1904 8.2.1907 G. G. G. sent to the Hague by the international military fencing tournament and awarded a prize of 5 of the 12 prizes in the battle for the sabre "Silver Cup" returned 7.3.1907 G. 17.5.1907, the competition officers of the Warsaw military district, was awarded first prize for the battle on the foil. 1.6.1908 g. in the final contest of the officers of the Warsaw military district in fencing awarded for fighting a battle on swords I-m the Imperial prize. 1.2.1910 G. seconded the Roman Central fencing school for 3 1/2 months, returned 15.6.1910 G. 22.11.1910 was appointed commander of the 5th company, took the company 4.12.1910 6.12.1910 G. G. promoted to captain with seniority from 8.8.1910 G. G. 16.6.1912 sent to Stockholm for the Olympic games, returned 21.7.1912 G. G. 31.5.1913 in the final competition of the Warsaw military district in fencing awarded for fighting a battle on the rapier-I-m the Imperial prize. 16.8.1913 G. sent to Kiev to participate in the First Russian Olympics, returned 28.8.1913 G. 16.11.1913 on the controversial firing of the rifles officers of the Warsaw detachment of Guards met the condition for receiving the I-th of the Imperial prize when the sum of the squares 114 and received 250 rubles. Participant of First world and Civil wars. With 25.7.1914 in campaigns and actions against Austria-Hungary and Germany, 28.9.1914 G. wounded in the battle for the crossing over the river Vistula near the village of góra Kalwaria. Awarded with the orders of St. Stanislaus 3rd St. (6.12.1907 G.), St. Anna of the 3rd century (6.12.1911 G.), St. Stanislav 2nd century with swords (12.12.1914 G.) and the Belgian order of the Military cross 1st class (10.5.1909). Had a light bronze medal in memory of the 100th anniversary of the Patriotic war of 1812 and in memory of the 300 anniversary of reign of the Romanov dynasty and badges: in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the patronage of the Emperor of the Life-guard Volynsky regiment in memory of the 100th anniversary of the regiment and in memory of the 100th anniversary of the Pavlovsk military school. He was married to a girl Barbara Mitrofanovna a senior research associate, the native of Voronezh province., they have a daughter Galina (b. 12.2.1905). (Rgvia. F. 409. Op. 2. D. 22957. L. 2-5. Track record 312-385, 1916).

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