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Russian Empire

Photo of the official Russian Zemstvo Union

Russian Empire
The original.
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Country:Russian Empire
The original.

the Russian Empire, 1916. Very rare and a colorful picture, which shows the official Russian Zemstvo Union — public-political organization that occurred in August 1914. Visit-portrait. Perfect collectible status. Guaranteed original.


the history of the all-Russian Zemstvo Union was established in Moscow, 30 July 1914 on the Congress authorized the provincial Zemstvo. Headed the Union Panoramny, close to the cadets Prince G. E. Lvov. In parallel, in August 1914 formed the all-Russian Union of cities. No Charter, Statute, or rules actions of the Union of was accepted and not there was, therefore, the Union has worked quite arbitrarily.

First, the unions were mostly help the sick and the wounded: equipment hospitals, sanitary trains, catering, procurement of medicines, clothes, training of medical personnel. In further they steel also perform the orders of the chief of the Commissariat on clothing and shoes the army, organized help for refugees.

Finance Zemstvo Union was formed, in mainly, from the government subsidies, as well as contributions of local organizations unions and donations. Working on the public money, the Union of was bound States, rules or formalities, which acted state organization.

Since 1915 rural and municipal unions participated in the mobilization of domestic industry for supply the army with weapons and equipment, creating with this purpose, 10 July 1915 the joint Committee - Zemgor.

Already in 1915 Zemstvo Union moved to political activities, supporting the request of the parliamentary opposition on the creation of "of the Ministry of public trust». Taking advantage of the opportunity to work in front figures of the provincial Union were in the army wide agitation, criticizing the government, if nothing makes for front of widely advertise their activities, omitting at of that Union worked on the funds granted by the government. Leaders of the Union played a prominent role in the preparation and the holding of the the February revolution of 1917.


All-Russian Zemstvo Union was founded in Moscow on 30 July 1914 at the Congress of representatives of the provincial Zemstvos. He headed the Union Panoramny close to the cadets, Prince G. E. Lviv. In parallel, in August 1914 formed the all-Russian Union of cities. Any Charter, Statute or rules of action of the Union was not accepted and did not exist, so the Union acted arbitrarily.

Initially, the unions were engaged in primarily to help the sick and wounded: equipment of hospitals, sanitary trains, catering, procurement of medicines, linen, training of medical personnel. Later they began also to carry out the orders of the chief quartermaster for clothing and shoes for the army, organized help for refugees.

Finance Zemstvo Union was formed, mainly from government subsidies and contributions to local organisations, alliances and donations. Working on state money, the Union was not bound by States, rules or formality, in which there were public organizations.

Since 1915 Zemstvo and city unions participated in the mobilization of domestic industry to supply the army weapons and equipment, built on 10 July 1915 the joint Committee — Zemgor.

Since 1915, the provincial Union was involved in political activity, supporting the requirement of the Duma opposition on the establishment of the "Ministry of public trust". Take the opportunity to work at the front, the leaders of the Zemstvo Union were in the army campaign, criticizing the government, if to do nothing for the front, and widely advertising their own activities, but says nothing in this case that the Union worked with funds granted by the government. The Union leaders played some role in the preparation and holding of the events of February 1917

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