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Premium case L. M. Dovator from the command OCDA

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One thousand nine hundred thirty three
The original.
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7 243 $
Dating:One thousand nine hundred thirty three
The original.

Silver 875 samples, stamping. Perfect collectible condition. Lev Mikhailovich Dovator (20 Feb 1903, Hotina village, Lepel district, Vitebsk province, now the Beshenkovichi district, Vitebsk oblast on 19 December 1941, near the village of Palashkino, Ruza district, Moscow region) — Soviet military leader, major-General (11 September 1941). Hero Of The Soviet Union (1941). Known successful operations to destroy enemy forces in the initial period of the great Patriotic war. Head Dovatora German command appointed major award. In the early days of the great Patriotic war Colonel Dovator was treated in the hospital in Moscow, so his division could not get over the fact that she was surrounded. Was soon placed at the disposal of the headquarters of the Western front. In July 1941 for the difference in defensive battles on Solovievsky the crossing of the Dnieper was awarded the order of the red banner.

In August 1941 he was appointed commander of a cavalry group, formed from the 50th and 53rd cavalry divisions. From 14 August to 2 September, a group under the command of L. M. Dovatora raided behind enemy lines in the territory of the Smolensk region, and in September and October took part in heavy defensive battles on the river Meza and the river Lama. In October a cavalry unit participated in the defensive battles on the highway White — Rzhev, covering the retreat of infantry units on the Volokolamsk direction, and then conducted a series of offensive battles in the area of the Istra reservoir and Solnechnogorsk.

11 Dec corps under the command of L. M. Dovatora was relocated to the district the Cubans after a RAID on the enemy's rear by 19 December[1] went to the river Ruza, where the advanced units of the 2nd guards cavalry corps (22and 103rd regiments of the 20th cavalry division) reached the area of the village Palashkino (Ruza district, Moscow region), where the 2nd battalion of the 472 th infantry regiment, 3rd battalion, 7th infantry regiment and the 9th battery 252 artillery regiment 252nd infantry division of the Wehrmacht (Silesia, emblem of the "Oak leaf"). When viewed through the binoculars of the enemy positions before the battle, major-General Dovator was mortally wounded by machine-gun fire. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of December 21, 1941 guard, major General Dovator, Lev Mikhailovich for courage and heroism shown in fights with fascist aggressors, was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

The guarantee of authenticity. The rarity of the Museum.

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