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The book "Uniforms of the third Reich 1933-1945 gg"

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Two thousand one
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Dating:Two thousand one
The original.

This book is an attempt to illustrate and explain some of the types of uniforms and items of uniforms and related insignia, badges, emblems and badges, which were worn in Germany in the period of the country's history, which historians usually characterize as "the Third Reich". The author decided to divide the illustrative and the corresponding textual material into three main parts: the uniforms of the members of the National socialist party and affiliated organizations; the formation, which can be attributed to military units or formations, performing police functions, organizations and official representatives, whose function was the supervision of compliance with daily activities or administration.

All members of the organizations for which wearing a uniform was optional, either supplied to it or, as a senior (officer) structure, bought it for the money. Some organizations and groups had special uniforms, made exclusively for special occasions, including parades, receptions and celebrations. Other organizations, where the main entrance of the uniform is not provided, cost of daily uniforms, but made more efficiently, which had the insignia or decoration and finishing details, which everyday uniform turned in the output or the front. In most organizations, there were daily uniform. Almost everyone was given sportswear (camping, sports or swimwear). Garments were a great many: coats, cloaks (and capes), jacket, coats, raincoats and leather coats. And finally, there was clothing for professionals and special protective clothing issued to persons who by the nature of their activities, needed her. A volume of 158 pages.

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