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Cleaver (saber) European arbitrary

1 509 $
XIX century
The original.
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1 509 $
Dating:XIX century
The original.
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Общая длина: 827 мм.
Длина клинка: 670 мм.
Ширина клинка у пяты: 39 мм.


An unusual sword with a massive and wide blade, made, probably, for a private order. This type of broad swords had a special love for pirates, allowing, thanks to the massive shock troops, it is easy to cut through tackle during boarding attacks. Blade steel, scimitars type, single edge, with one wide fuller on both sides. On the heel of the blade to the left caused the pressed inscription "CAA." (?) — maker's mark (?). Efes consists of a handle and crosses. The handle is wooden, spindle-shaped, attached to the shaft of the blade with three rivets. The pommel is brass, shaped, forked. Set at the base of a cylindrical brass bushing. Cross steel, long, S-shaped. The scabbard is missing.


item is in good collectible condition. Slight surface corrosion on the blade.


Originally, they Catley М1810 was intended for arming the crews by the Swedish Navy whose duties included the preparation of a bridgehead for landing, clearing them of bushes and other undergrowth. Today, however, it is difficult to explain as it happened so that all Cutlery this model was in the warehouses Krigskollegiums and became the hallmark of the garrison of the island of Gotland – the cradle of the tribes ready. Olof Berg in his books on Swedish knife (Olof P. Berg "Svenska Blankvapen"), indicates that Cutlery was made in Wedevåg''s Bruk in 1809 and officially taken into service with the designation M/1810 and then sent to the island of Gotland . Cutlery primarily intended for Gotlands Nationalbeväringregiment – naval unit established in 1811 on the personal order of king Charles XIV (formerly Marshal of the Imperial Guard count Bernadotte) in the period of the Napoleonic wars. The unit participated in the war between Sweden and Russia over the island of Gotland and Finland. The regiment consisted of 6 781 personnel included three artillery batteries, and 43 companies of infantry and Rangers.

Cutlery М1810 intended for use primarily as an engineering tool rather than military weapons. These Cutesy sometimes also called a "weapon of the sharpshooters" because the head of the arm had split, which, when sticking a blade in the ground formed a bed for the silicon barrel of the rifle, thus improving accuracy of the knee. The massive blade with a length of 65 cm was bending scimitars and sharpened on the inner side of bending of the blade. Since the "Gotland whales" differ in structure from the sea of cutlasses, like that M/1808, they developed a special suspension with leather mount on belt.
It is known that there were manufactured and sent to warehouses around 500 pieces of weapons this model. With such a small party the cutlass should be megarectum, that is not entirely borne out in practice. Despite its rarity, Cutlery М1810 quite possible to meet on sale on aukcionnij militaria in the area of $ 1,000 per unit. While Swedish swords М1793 made in quantity of 2000 pieces is almost impossible to detect in the free market. A similar situation is observed with katasumi sample of 1808, which was imported to Sweden in quantities of 2000 units from England and unlike the cutlass М1810 are extremely rare. The explanation apparently lies in the fact that "the Gotland whales" unlike other weapons after receiving Gotland was never used during actual combat, and so preserved to our time in full quantity and excellent condition, living in a storage.

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