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The magazine "Old Zeughaus" №2-3 (40-41), 2011, anniversary edition

31 $
Two thousand eleven
The original.
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31 $
Dating:Two thousand eleven
The original.

The original anniversary edition of the magazine, dedicated to the 20th anniversary edition. A4. Table of contents articles:

S. Shamenkov. Registered Cossacks of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

O. Leonov. Not the George! On the typology of coats of arms on their "Pavlovian" granaderos period 1802-1878.

Alexander Kibovsky. Sabir de Ribas. Attribution of portrait of major-General of the Corps of engineers of ways of communication I. Sabir.

A. Bychkov. "Colored" brigade of the Bulgarian army. 1879-1884.

Ya Tinchenko. Banners and commemorative ribbons Bryansk, and Orel infantry regiments.

S. Popov. Four types of Russian halanych shoulder straps (I).

A. Sakovich. The Crimean horse regiment. Part 1. 1874-1906. Crimean squadron. Crimean division.

I. Shevchenko. The equipment of the Russian infantry in the late XIX – early XX century Equipment sample of 1882.

N. Bordunov. Hands Of The Imperial Family. Part 4.

M. Chapala. The last standard of the Kiev hussars.

A. Ganin. Project honor uniform and badge of the Ukrainian General staff.

I. Ladygin. The canadian expeditionary force in Siberia. 1918-1919.

V. Peredery. The symbolism of the Canadian expeditionary force in Siberia.

A. Huseynov. The army of Azerbaijan democratic Republic. 1918-1920.

A. Deryabin. Russian Caucasian corps. 1918

A. Stepanov. Uniforms and insignia of the airborne forces. Part 2. The special outfit. 1950s – 1960s

A. Cherednik. Symbols of the airborne troops (IV). The 76th guards airborne division Chernigov red banner (Part 1).

A. Khrustalev. Battle flags of the Spetsstroy of Russia.

A. Vasiliev. In the footsteps of the crusaders in Syria and Lebanon. Cavalry French Foreign Legion in the battle of Musara and Rosie in the autumn of 1925 (I).

I. Ulyanov. The secret word in Russian armies in 1812.

The pages of the magazine "Zeughaus" / "Old Zeughaus" in 1991-2011

Us – 20 years! From the history of the magazine "Zeughaus" / "Old Zeughaus".

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