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Winter helmet (budenovka) of the rank-and-file of the ABTV sample of 1936

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1936-1938 gg
The original.
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1 125 $
Dating:1936-1938 gg
The original.

The original helmet is in satisfactory condition. Stamps are missing or erased. It is made of dark gray cloth, which indicates that it belongs to the tank forces. The star is sewn in an original way. Size 55-56. Equipped with the original 31-mm star of the rank and file of the Red Army with an overhead SiM. Guarantee of authenticity.


In the period of 1927-35, various models and modifications of the Budenovka were used in the troops until the order of the NCO of the USSR No. 176 of December 3, 1935 introduced new uniforms and insignia for all personnel of the Red Army. Description of the new helmet from order No. 176: "... The winter helmet is built of semi-rough cloth of dark gray color and consists of a cap on the lining, a visor and a folding back of the head, fastened with two small metal buttons. The cap consists of six spherical triangles sewn together by the sides, converging at the top, secured with a button covered with the same cloth. In the usual position, the back of the head bends in half in width, its narrow ends are laid inside and fastened on the sides to the helmet cap with a small metal button. In front of the helmet, a regular five-pointed star is sewn from the instrument cloth assigned to the color of the armed forces with a Red Army badge attached to it. The dimensions of the cloth star are such that its outer ends are located on a circle with a diameter of 8 centimeters. The lining under the helmet is made of dyed calico with a quilt on cotton wool. Sewing is done with black or dark gray cotton / boom. threads No. 30 in 6 additions. The hood, and equally the back of the head along the bend are ironed."

At the same time, the winter headdress of the command and commanding staff still remained the winter helmet, installed by order of the USSR RVS No. 474 of September 3, 1927. Although this winter helmet was only slightly different (made of semi-rough cloth of dark gray color) from the previously established sample in 1922, the front of the new helmet was still sewn a regular five-pointed star made of instrument cloth assigned to the color of the armed forces with a Red Army badge attached to it. The outer ends of the star were located on a circle with a diameter of 8 cm .

In 1936, by order of the NCO of the USSR No. 229, new rules for wearing military uniforms were introduced. Here's what it said about the winter helmet for the command and commanding staff of the Red Army: "... The helmet is made of helmet cloth ... with a pointed top ending with a sheathed button. The cap is sewn from 6 wedges; at the front, at the base, it has a visor made of the same cloth, and at the back a folding and buckling cap. The fins (ends) of the back of the head are fastened with 2 shaped brass yellow buttons of small size. The cotton cap of the helmet is made on a satin lining. In front of the hood above the visor (two cm from it), a cloth star (8 cm in diameter) of the color of the type of troops is sewn on and a metal command star is attached to it ...".

The helmet was allowed to be worn in two positions: folded or (in case of frost at least 10 degrees Celsius) unfolded. Until 1939, belt loops (leather or fabric sewing loops sewn on its sides) were meant to fasten the folded back of the head. The presence of such loops often helps the collector in dating the helmet, especially when it comes to late samples.

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