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Photo release navigators of the Baku naval College, 1927

47 $
1927 year
The original.
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47 $
Dating:1927 year
The original.

Original and of sufficient quality group shot in beautiful collectible condition. Size 143*220 mm. the photo shows the graduates of the Baku marine College – young navigators. In the center of the picture sat the teachers, on their available the shoulder sleeve insignia, service cap and uniform. The reverse side has been signed.


Baku Maritime School was founded on 21.11.1881. In documentary materials of the Central State historical archive of the Azerbaijan Republic Baku city report of the head chief of the Caucasian vicegerency on the opening 21 (8) Nov 1881 in Baku Seaworthy class. The main contingent of the Baku seaworthy classes consisted of adult practical seamen. The school year lasted from November 1 to April 1 (the period when navigation to Astrakhan was closed, when the main steam fleet and part of the sailing fleet were wintering in the port of Baku). The annual output of seaworthy classes did not exceed 25-30 people for the title of Navigator and 15-18 people for the title of skipper. In 1896, with nautical classes were opened courses of the steamship mechanics (subsequently - school of marine engineers). Many practical seamen have received a Maritime education in seaworthy classes.

On July 1, 1902, the Baku Maritime classes were transformed into the Baku long-distance swimming school with 3-year training. At the same time, a preparatory Maritime school was organized at the school.

On October 1, 1921, an evening Department was organized at the Baku technical school of water transport and a working technical school of water transport was opened in isolation from production. According to the order of the Central Department of Maritime transport of the people's Commissariat of Railways, on October 1, 1924, the Baku technical school of water transport was renamed the technical School of water transport, which was transferred to the Department of education of the Caspian shipping company. Since 1925, the Azerbaijani sector was opened in the technical school.

In March 1930, the government decided to reorganize all industrial technical schools according to the industry principle, and on September 1, 1930, the Baku technical school of waterways was reorganized into the Baku marine technical school, and in March 1944 - into the Baku Maritime school.

After the restoration of the state independence of Azerbaijan in 1991, the Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy (AGMA) was established on the basis of the Baku Maritime school by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 91 dated July 15, 1996.

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